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From Editor in Chief: Happiest 7th Birthday, Dear Korean Updates!


Hello Jjangers!

Time flies sure really fast and we are here again to celebrate another new age of ours. Korean Updates was firstly created on March 1st, 2010 by a bunch of friends who happened to have the same love for Korean culture back then. Most of ur founders have found their own life, with only our beloved Edwin Joo left behind dedicating his time to constantly check on his kids taking care of Korean Updates.

People comes and goes, not excluding our former family members, and Korean Updates which is now only consists of 6 members including me, Edwin, our fantastic designers Vanessa and Angel, and of course the forever lovable youngest ones, Jeha and Roma, whom fill your Instagram timeline with adoring pictures of favorite celebrities, surprisingly stands strong still in our 7th year. Seven is not a big number, but nonetheless a great achievement for us who are mostly busy with life outside Korean music, drama, and other spazz-able things featuring our favorites (because we sadly have to make money too ㅠㅠ).

We spent our 6th age with another fruitful year which opened with our short & sweet interview with Apink in Singapore and closed with yet another fun night with GOT7 in Jakarta. We were also blessed enough to not only got the chance to interview Apink, but also the adorable siblings Akdong Musician, the cheerful ASTRO members, as well as oh-so-nice Park Bo Gum. Korean Updates also spent another year when we were lucky enough to meet numbers of Korean celebrities from actors to idols through various events from fan meetings to soccer match.

Another one year is something we didn’t know we could make it yesterday, but as someone who loves Korean Updates enough to wanting it grows as old as it can be, I, with the help of other members, will try hard to keep Korean Updates gets better and receives more love from people who have trusted us all along. Our previous birthdays might looked fancier than this year, but as we celebrate the lucky number 7, we hope the glam and sparks won’t be reduced even though we couldn’t do things as much as before.

Cheers to another great year and I hope you will happily stick to us, Jjangers!

Much love,

Editor in Chief

Extras: (See our wonderful journey last year below) ^^

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