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[Press Conference] GOT7 Flight Log: TURBULENCE in Jakarta 2017

After coming back with several releases which shows their various charms and images since their last fanmeeting in 2015, GOT7 finally were back again to meet Indonesian fans with GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” in Jakarta 2017.

Before meeting IGOT7, the members were holding a private press conference to greet the media. The press conference was held inside the venue. Around 4.30 after the photo group session, GOT7 came into the stage and start the Press Conference. They introduced themselves before the media was given times to take some pictures.

Below is the rest of the Press Conference.

Jackson: Before we start anything I just want to say you have a very good hairstyle. (Jackson said to the MC)

The MC then thanked him before start asking 8 questions that had been listed.


Q: This time is your second fanmeeting in Jakarta, what makes it different with your previous one?

JB: First of all, the songs and performances are different than the previous one. There also a lot of new things, so you will not feel disappointed.


Q: GOT7 will be having comeback on March, Could you give us a bit of hint?

Mark: It is a secret, but for sure it will be cool.

Jackson: But I think we can give a bit of spoiler

(The members asked Yugyeom to do something and he made a one second movement)

Jackson: This is probably all we can show.


Q: From cute song like “Just right”, to strong one like “Hard Carry”, which image suit GOT7 the most?

Youngjae: I think GOT7 suits a song like “Girls GirlsGirls” which can show our performances.

Bambam: We suit any images from cute to strong and etc.

The MC then added that GOT7 suit cute, strong and also keren (cool).

Mark: Keren, Keren. (Mark imitate the way MC said it)




Q; GOT7 got a lot of achievements since debut, Could you tell us the group’s goal in the future?

Bambam: First of all, we want to be a group which can perform for a long long time. 10 years, 20 years. Also, we want to achieve the highest award so we will work hard for it.


Q: It’s been 3 years since your debut and you seem so close to each other, is there any tips to maintain your relationship?

Jinyoung: Honestly, Conversation is the most important. Since we are a group, instead of keeping in, we need to have a conversation and talk about it so the relationship will stay long.


Q: There are a lot of great songs in Korean music industry these days, is there any song or any particular song that is played a lot or you like?

Bambam: It doesn’t have to be our songs right? For sure we listen to our songs a lot. We like to listen to a song “Prove it” before we sleep.

Jackson: I like “Mayday”. I listen to “Mayday” while sleeping, that’s why I cannot sleep.

Bambam: We like to listen to our own songs

MC: How about the other members?

Jackson: How about you, Mark?

Mark: Our comeback song which will be released in March, since we are still practicing it.


Q: Do you have any special thing that you have prepared for Indonesia fans in this fanmeeting?

Yugyeom: This time we prepared a special stage

Bambam: Can we tell them?

(The members: No)

(Media asked them to show it a bit.)

Jackson: If you watch the show, you can see it.

Bambam: Are you gonna watch the show?

(Media: Yes)

The MC:Ok, Sabar Ye, Sabar (Be patient, patient)

The members: Sabar ye~



Is there any message for Indonesian Fans who cannot come to today’s fanmeeting?

JB: It’s a pity that you cannot come to the fanmeeting since you support and love us, but this will not be the last time we come to Jakarta. There will be another chance so you can come next time to see us.

Jackson: We will come again soon, really soon and there will be a lot of chances to come here. So, please wait and you can come to our next fanmeeting.

Written by Jesica Hawari

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