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2016 Seventeen Shining Diamonds in Jakarta: Slipped Into the Diamond Life!

Written by: Jesica Hawari
Edited by: Ikhda Rizka Annisa

When did you slip into the diamond life? 2013? 2014? 2015? Or 2016? Whenever it is, being able to meet and see Seventeen’s performances in real life must be all of Carats’ biggest dream. Finally after finishing their Very Nice promotion and held concerts in Korea and Japan, Seventeen is able to greet their fans in Asia through Asia Pacific Tour. 2016 Shining Diamonds. Jakarta was the third stop after Singapore and Manila. They came in full team and performed 13 songs in total.


Seventeen started Shining Diamonds in Jakarta with Shining Diamond, a song that they have released even before their debut. Screams of fans’ enthusiasm filled the venue as Seventeen finally stood right in front of their eyes. After finishing the first song, the members introduced themselves one by one. They said some Indonesian words such as ‘Aku kangen kalian (I miss you)’, ‘Aku cinta kamu (I love you)’ and even changed Pretty U original lyric into Indonesian words ‘Kamu Cantik (You are pretty) (Neo Yeppeuda)’. Indonesian Carats who seemed very pleased by Seventeen’s Indonesian skills kept screaming after Seventeen. Seventeen then continued the show by performing Rock and Chuck.

The Q&A corner itself, as one of the members, Seungkwan, had previously said, became a fanservice corner. Because instead of questions for the members, things written in the post-it papers were mostly requests for Seventeen members starting from asking the members to do aegyo, requiring Mingyu to say ‘Aku Cinta Kamu (I love you), Jeonghan and S.Coups to re-enact the famous Titanic scene, Hip Hop team to sing ballad, Vocal team to serenade fans, Hoshi to sing Three bears in Indonesian as well as Dino to present sexy version of Gangnam Style. After all of the members finished their turn, they continue to  perform Hit Song, Drift Away, Still Lonely, and Q&A.

Just like in previous countries, Seventeen played arcades game after performing their debut title track Adore U. But instead of the usual MC Boo, Jeonghan took the stage as MC for the night. They split into 3 teams based on their units which are Hip Hop team, Performance team, and also Vocal team. They had to compete with each other to avoid the punishments. In this game, Vocal team won by getting 4 points while Performance team lost by only guessing 2 questions right. As the Performance team got their punishment, the remaining members stayed on the stage. Carats also asked other members from the other teams to do the punishment which they immediately did.

After the game, Seventeen performed their other title tracks Mansae, Pretty U, and Very Nice. Even when the show was getting near to the end, their performances were still full of power. Their vocal was also very stable throughout the shows.


A VCR showing the members’ baby pictures also did not fail to make all Carats screamed hysterically. A funny thing happened when the fans were waiting for the encore stage. Instead of a normal ‘encore’ shouting, they sang ‘Nggak mau pulang, maunya digoyang’, an Indonesian Dangdut song.

Seventeen then came back to the stage and performed another two songs, Healing and Love Letter for the encore. While performing Healing, Seventeen threw balls with their sign on it to the audiences. A project prepared by the fans was also very successful, all of them were seen holding their banners and sang along to the sweet melody of Love Letter. As the song ended, a few members said ‘areumdawo (beautiful)’ seeing all the Carats in the venue. Some of Carats were also seen crying, showing how much they love their idols.

Two hours passed just like that and we believe it was such an unforgettable memories for both Seventeen and Carats. There is no regret for slipping into the diamond life. Also, Just like what the members had said previously, ‘Let’s meet again!’.


Until the day we can meet again, Carats will always be waiting and cheering for Seventeen!

Song list:

  1. Shining Diamond
  2. Rock
  3. Chuck
  4. Hit Song
  5. Drift Away
  6. Still Lonely
  7. Q&A Corner
  8. Adore U
  9. Mansae
  10. Pretty U
  11. Very Nice
  12. Encore
    1. Healing
    2. Love Letter
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