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[Exclusive] Short & Sweet Interview with APINK in Singapore

Last Saturday, KoreanUpdates was given the opportunity to interview APINK during their PINK MEMORY DAY Mini Concert and Fan Meeting in Singapore.

Here are the result:

1. What has been your most memorable moment that has happened from debut to present?

Eunji: I think it will be our first concert, after our debut at our first stage at the garden right in front of Inkigayo, we had a small fan meeting about 50 fans was present.

Bomi : I think it will be our debut, it is like a step forward towards my dream. Even though there were not many fans there at that time, but their cheers were the most unforgettable ones.

2. Your fans want to know if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Hayong: To be able to teleport. I can go to go to the places that I wish to visit, no matter if the distance is short or long.

Eunji: Time travelling? I would like to try things which I didn’t get to try in the past or even in the future.

3. Chorong, you’ve written lyrics for some of Apink’s songs; what inspires you when writing?

Chorong: For “April 19”, I wrote it while thinking of my fans and thinking back from our first stage performances. As for the other songs that I wrote, it was about the experiences that our age groups are able to relate.

4. Apink is known for being a great entertainer especially on variety shows, what kind of variety show do you want to do next?

Eunji: We would actually like to continue filming variety shows, especially when we meet each other very often. If we were given another chance, we would like to film shows such as Apink News or Apink Showtime.

5. What do you think Apink’s strength that makes you different from other groups?

Chorong: Even though it is hard to compare with other groups but I think we do things that have our own colour, furthermore, I think the chemistry among members is good.

6. You have been to Singapore many times, what is your impression about Singapore fans? Any memorable moments?

Naeun: Singapore fans are always very passionate. I remember during our concert, fans will sing along with us which was something really memorable.

Thank you Three Angles Production for helping us to get this opportunity. And Thank You APINK for answering our questions. 


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