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Big Bang MADE [VIP] Tour in Malaysia 2016

The night started off  at Stadium Merdeka with the emcee coming out, none other than DJ Yoon from the official radio station, MyFM. After hours of waiting by Malaysian VIPS, they were greeted with DJ Yoon clad in a white dress with a pink blazer. She reminded them fans about what was most important that night which was to enjoy the concert while remembering about safety and belongings. After hyping the crowd up, the opening video with strobe lights were played and introduction of members were done getting the crowd more excited.


Simple video introduction led to the members walking out on the stage. The group excluding T.O.P were all in casual clothing. Their leader G-Dragon was in a long sleeved graphic shirt, cap and fashionable leather pants. Taeyang on the other hand was just wearing a white t-shirt underneath a flannel and ripped jeans. Daesung wore a floral shirt matching his cheeky personality. Lastly, Seungri clad in a simple purple sweater and shirt inside. He greeted the fans first saying ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’ and ‘Terima Kasih’ which means “I love you’ and ‘Thank you’ in our national language. The following members greeted the crowd with simple messages being appreciative towards the fan and they were here a year ago, looking forward for the night.


Next agenda, you would think them singing their songs but we were surprised with a game section with the emcee, translator and few staffs coming on the stage. The slot was named Play Big Bang. Basically the members were to play mini games on the stage and win goodies for some lucky fans. GD was teamed up with Seungri and Taeyang with Daesung.

First game of the night was ‘Move the Ping Pong Ball’. They were supposed to suck the ping pong balls using only straws in their mouth and moved it from one bowl to another. In the last tiebreaker, GD won a point for their team.

Second game, probably hardest of the night was ‘Rescue the Bottle’. Being the leader of the most famous South Korean boy band and a perfectionist, GD won this round as well by beating Daesung.


Last but not least, the funniest game, ‘Cheek X Cheek’. Members of the same group would wear funny and cute masks to blindfold. The aim is to feel the items placed within their cheeks and guess it right. GD and Seungri started off and the items placed were dragon fruit and kiwi. The soundtrack of DOTS were playing while they were playing, it was hilarious. It was Taeyang and Daesung turn and their items were hairbrush (Taeyang guessed it) and broccoli (Daesung guessed it)! The last game carried the most points so team Taeyang and Daesung won better goodies for their fans!

They took turns to draw ticket stubs to see which seats won the boxes of goodies. (LUCKY FANS!) They even brought out a special guest, a cardboard T.O.P!

The next section is called ‘Big Fans’. The management narrowed down to 3 photos that fans took outside while waiting to enter the stadium. The first dressed as T.O.P, second as a breed of Taeyang and GD, but the funniest and the winner voted by the members themselves was this fan printing out a picture of Daesung with a funny face and mimicking him.


The members took turns to talk to the crowd again before grabbing a quick rest while the emcee entertained the crowd.

After an hour of playing games, the real action began with another video compilation. Living up to the tour name, MADE tour, the group started the concert off with Loser (M), the first single. The video effects by the FOH were incredible and showed off the members real well. They moved on to Bang Bang Bang (A) and when they finished, GD looking more happy after warming up to the crowd asked the VIPS to sing along to the next song, IF YOU (D).  After belting out their new songs, they sang a hit from ALIVE, Bad Boy while fans were happily singing along.

Then it was time for their solos with Seungri starting off with Strong Baby asking where were his babies at. Next, Daesung acting as his alter ego D-Lite sang the entertaining Look at Me, Gwisun. Taeyang then toned it down with Eyes, Nose, Lips. GD then sang his solo starting off with Crooked and bringing Taeyang on and carried on with I Am a Good Boy.


A short rest and only Seungri did a costume change to a shirt with keyboard patterns. The group then sang Sober. Taeyang was asking if the fans need more, obvious YES! They pumped up with Bae Bae with Taeyang kissing soft toys thrown by fans and throwing back to them.  We Like to Party was performed with confetti in the air marking the end of the show.

Each of them took turns to speak to the crowd for the last time and dropping major hints of a new album on the way and that the album is almost done. Seungri sealed it off by saying they only have enough time for one more song. The most famous song and has the most views on YouTube by a Korean group, Fantastic Baby. The end was shown on the screens and credits started rolling.

Here’s the song list.

  1. LOSER
  3. IF YOU
  4. BAD BOY
  10. SOBER
  11. BAE BAE

Although it was short, but I guess it was short and sweet for all the VIPS in Malaysia and we can just hope for the next album to be dropped soon!

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