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iKONCERT 2016 Showtime Tour in Jakarta: It’s Showtime!

ICE BSD City, where the concert was held, relatively looked quieter than and not as packed as usual in afternoon of the day iKONCERT in Jakarta supposed to be held. It turned out that the audiences had been comfortably seated inside the cooled venue. It was a great idea to put the fans inside earlier rather than let them queuing for a long time and under the incredibly hot sun yesterday because no matter what promoter and management said there will always be fans who are willing to wait hours before the actual open gate time.

Fans inside arranged and waited neatly while screaming in the middle when iKON started their rehearsal and when the soundcheck session began. It sounded fantastic and fans couldn’t get any quieter when it was finally the time to go inside the actual venue. The concert started around 10 minutes later than the planned time, but it didn’t make iKONICs who presented scream any softer. iKON members B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, Chanwoo, and Junhoe finally stood on stage bringing one of their debut songs Rhythm Ta which then followed by Dumb & Dumber.


Concert seemed to be divided into 6 parts where first part was the opening, 2nd part was B.I’s and Bobby’s solo stages, 3rd part which started with Apology was the time for iKON’s slower songs, 4th part was for special stages, 5th part started with What’s Wrong? where they performed in more casual outfits, and 6th part ended the concert with encore stages.

B.I and Bobby once again successfully proved their strong force as rappers of the group through their special solo stages. As Bobby finished smoothly his Go stage and B.I with Be I, both of them announced their arrival to town with Double B’s Anthem. Contrast with, but not weaker at all than, Double B’s stages, both of them came back to stage with other members to start the 3rd part which began with personal favorite song of iKON, Apology. Going for similar theme with Apology, third part continued with rather slower songs such as Airplane, Wait For Me, M.U.P, and I Miss You So Bad. After the 3rd part, VCR was played showing how iKON members want gift fans with special event by bringing special performances on stage. By bringing three hit songs BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang, GFRIEND’s Me Gustas Tu, and EXID’s Up & Down, iKON presented three performances with different charms while showing their no-end talents.


Fifth part allowed fans to see the members in more casual and softer outfits compare to their previous’ stages costumes which exude iKON’s youthful charms and handsomeness even more. And unfortunately 6th part started the concert again to end iKON’s night with their encore stages. iKON came back on stage whilst fans singing Airplane together to call their boys back for encore which iKON replied with another start with Long Time No See performance. Being one of the luckier countries which got to witness WYD live, iKON members got even more surprised than Indonesian fans by 1st anniversary cake that fans prepared specially to celebrate their debut and first time coming to Indonesia.

Members’ faces were glowing with happiness once they saw the huge cake and they continuously expressed their gratitude for fans who specially prepared the cake for them. Bobby especially showed his fondness to the gift by asking the staffs who bring back the cake to the backstage to let the cake stay on stage with them. They then decided to take photos with the cake and also fans to commemorate the special occasion. iKON members continuously showering fans with love and heartwarming messages as they talked to the audiences between the stages with no exception to their last talk session where they also thanked staffs and crew who allow them to show amazing stages smoothly yesterday and phrased their hope, as well as promise, to come back to the country again. iKONCERT in Jakarta ended with no less amazing performances of another Dumb & Dumber, Sinosijak, and Rhythm Ta.

It surely was a special concert both for Indonesian fans and iKON because iKONCERT in Jakarta was last stop for iKON’s Asia tour and the boys especially glowing while having fun on stage. A heartwarming moment was witnessed when the members sang along with fans while they singing Airplane before the encore started and when they fondly listening to fans singing birthday song while they were still in awe thanks to the surprise cake. Not only screaming, but huge smile as well as tears were shown by iKONICs who were present last night as they watched their favorites enjoying their time in Indonesia. iKON successfully satisfied the fans who were willing to wait since early in the morning to leave the concert with feeling of satisfaction as the night becomes something they can dearly remember. Applause not only goes to the boys, but also anyone who design the lighting stages because it was beyond great to witness the lights dance along with iKON as they performed.

We hope iKON can fulfill their promise to come back to Indonesia soon in the future for us to humming along iKON IS COMING TO TOWN!


iKONCERT 2016: Showtime Tour in Jakarta song list:

  1. Rhythm Ta
  2. Dumb & Dumber
  3. Sinosijak
  4. My Type
  5. Today
  6. Go
  7. Be I
  8. Anthem
  9. Apology
  10. Airplane
  11. Wait for Me
  12. M.U.P
  13. I Miss You So Bad
  14. Special stage: BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang
  15. Special stage: GFRIEND’s Me Gustas Tu
  16. Special stage: EXID’s Up&Down
  17. What’s Wrong?
  18. Just Another Boy
  19. Climax
  20. Encore
    1. Long Time No See
    2. WYD
    3. Dumb&Dumber
    4. Sinosijak
    5. Rhythm Ta
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