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ASTRO’s First meeting with Indonesian AROHA

Last Saturday, 22 October 2016, was ASTRO’s first meeting with their Indonesian fans. With a showcase entitled “The 1st Season Showcase in Jakarta”, the six members of ASTRO came to greet their fans, affectionately named AROHA, meaning “love” in Maori language; but that’s not it! AROHA also means “AstRO Heart All fans” 😉 Cheesy? That’s ASTRO for you 😀


Held in Balai Kartini, Jakarta, ASTRO had an open press conference with media and VIP tickets holders and proceeded with high-touch session afterwards. Check out their thoughts on coming to Indonesia below:

Jinjin: Wanna be your star! Hi, we are ASTRO!

MC: Welcome ASTRO, how do you feel?

Jinjin: While waiting for the press conference to start, I was roaming around pretending to be a cameraman and I saw that the excitement was very high.


MC: How was the long flight from Korea? Are you tired?

Eunwoo: Because ASTRO members are strong and we have prepared well for this showcase so let’s enjoy this showcase together.


Question: How do you feel about coming to Jakarta for the first time?

MJ: We are very thankful because there are fans waiting for us at the airport even though our flight got delayed until late hours, so we are going to give everything on stage to repay their enthusiasm.


Question: How did you feel when you first knew you were going to go to Indonesia?

Moonbin: Prior to our debut, we had shot a web drama and received much attention from fans in Indonesia and we also shot a greeting video “I love Indonesia”, that was our first interaction with international fans and we really wanted to personally come and meet them. We are going to show everything on stage so please wait for it.


Sanha: We heard that we were going to have live performance in Indonesian show so we were a bit worried but we were also very excited.


Question: ASTRO is known for cute and sweet concept; do you have special concept for this showcase?

Rocky: The concept we are having is in line with our development, so along with time we will show our fans fresh concept following our growth including more mature concept.


Question: Do you have special ritual before going up on stage?

Jinjin: We don’t really have the so-called ritual, but Eunwoo usually does something to make his heart warmer. He needs help to show it so I will help him.

Eunwoo and Jinjin stood up. Jinjin started tapping Eunwoo’s chest.


The press conference then proceeded with high-touch session where ASTRO personally interacted with the fans. Their leader then close the high-touch session by commenting, “We have received much enthusiasm from fans so we feel that this is going to be a great show!”

ASTRO were very happy to meet their fans during the high-touch session; aren’t you curious of how they were in the actual fanmeeting slash showcase? Stay tuned at and KoreanUpdates’ Facebook page as we will update more details and photos 😉

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