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Press Conference with Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Hwi from ENTOURAGE in Singapore!

During the last Tuesday, two main characters, Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Hwi from the latest K-drama, Entourage, came to Singapore to promote the drama. Press conference was held at the Resort world convention in the morning with reporters coming from Asia. When talked about the interest happenings during the shooting , Lee Dong Hwi said that his memorable moment was playing games with the crew in busan. The punishment for the loser was to stay under the raining without an umbrella for around five minutes. He caught a cold without surprise as he was drenched. Whereas Seo Kang Joon felt that filming this drama was interesting for him as he enjoyed a lot and manny of the scenes was outside Seoul. This allowed him to travel around Seoul frequently .


Both main actors said that their true characters are totally different from the cast. If there’s one similarity , it will be Young Bin’, his character in Entourage, both are the ones who willing to do everything to make their friends happy.

When asked about what do they do in their personal time. Both of them mentioned that they will rest during the break. Seo Kang Joon would play with his cat at home, and Lee Dong Hwi would play games at his home.


Why is a must to watch Entourage?

As Actor Seo Kang Joon said that it is a drama focus on friendship and love which coveys the happiness in the Korean entertainment industry. During the filming it reminded  him  about his old friends. Lee Dong Hwi said  that  this drama shows how the character change to a mature mind through the experiences in the entertainment industry.

After ending the Q&A session with the media, the actors also played a simple game of ‘beer pong’ – without the alcoholic content,  – where the winning group  gets a chance to take photo . Finally, Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Hwi took a group photo with fans and ends  the press conference with  laughter.


tvN’s Entourage will broadcast  in Asia-Pacific on 7 November, every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:15 pm (GMT+8). Singapore fans can tune in to Singtel TV at CH518 (HD) and 619 (HD), or via StarHub TV CH824 (HD)

Koreanupdates would like to express our thanks to tvN for inviting us.

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