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We Love You Too, Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016!

Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016 is a joint concert of three Korean artists, Bigbang’s Taeyang, Nell and Akdong Musician which was held on October 8 2016 at ICE BSD. After a year and half, Taeyang finally back to greet and perform in front of Indonesian VIPs while this was the first time for Nell and Akdong Musician to visit and perform in Indonesia. Even so, Indonesian fans were very enthusiastic and supported all of the artists equally whether by screaming, singing along and fan-chanting.


The cute sibling Chanhyuk and Suhyun, who form Akdong Musician, started the concert with “How People Move”. Their cute and bubbly performance was able to make the fans heated up. They also spoke English for the entire show as they wanted to communicate with the fans better even with their ‘limited’ English. Chanhyuk and Suhyun said ‘Aku cinta kamu’/ I love you and ‘Keren Banget’/So cool, they also expressed their willingness to learn Indonesian language and come again to Indonesia to perform in the future.


Their performance was incredible and quirky, and it was very nice to see them enjoying themselves and being playful on stage. Akdong Musician also sang “Give Love”, “I Love You”, “Melted”, “Re-Bye”, “Crescendo”, and “200%”. They also covered one of Disney Frozen song “Love is an Open Door” and Indonesia’s band Mocha “Happy”, a song that is publicly known in Korea.


The second performer of the night was Nell, a Korean rock band who debuted in 2001. Their live performance was very mesmerizing. They made the audiences enjoyed the songs as they performed with perfect live music and vocal. A cute moment happened when the vocalist used a voice translator from his phone and put it near the mic, making all the fans heard the robotic voice saying ‘Selamat pagi. Terima kasih’/Good morning, thank you.


Nell performed 7 songs which are “Time Spent Walking Through Memories”, “Habitual Irony”, “Dream Catcher”, “Cliff Parade”, “Ocean of Light”, “White Dwarf”, and lastly “Words Shouldn’t Believe”.

Bigbang’s Taeyang was the last performer of the night. He started with his solo track “Ringa Linga” then “Superstar” before he introduced himself. The fans were screaming as they finally see their favorite singer right in front of their eyes. Taeyang also said that he missed Indonesia and he would like to make a great memory again. Taeyang then continued his performance with “1AM”, “I need a Girl” and “Only Look at Me” which are all his solo songs. The next song was “Good Boy”, a duet song with his group member G-Dragon. The atmosphere was getting hotter when Taeyang performed Bigbang songs “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby” which made all the fans jumping up and down excitedly. “Body” was performed next, a song that showed Taeyang’s individual music color. Taeyang also expressed his hope to be able to come with new songs, new music, new style and new performances in the future. He also said that he had a great time and would love to come again to Indonesia soon.


The concert ended with Taeyang’s encore stage with “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, one of his famous hit track from Rise album. 2 hours and half passed so fast. From the performances, lighting to sound, everything was great. Both the artists and fans were enjoying that short time together. Thank you MCP for hosting this concert!

Taeyang, Nell and Akdong Musician, we hope to see you again in Indonesia soon!

Written by: Jesica Hawari
Photos cr: Mecima Production

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