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Interview: Get to Know AKMU Better with KoreanUpdates

KU: Debuted in young age definitely made differences to your life compare to other teenagers, what is the pro & con of that?

Suhyun: For school as an example, I never had school life with school uniform and so I really envy students who can wear uniform. But students want to be like us because we are free from studying, coloring hair and wearing make-up. However, we had to take high school qualification examination studying by ourselves and it is lonely because we don’t have a lot of friends. There is very definite pros and cons.

KU: If you can choose any song that describe your life both as AKMU and your everyday selves, what would it be?

AKMU: Our songs express us and our lives most. All songs express us. Especially ‘How people move’ expresses our curiosity and fun characteristic.

KU: If you were to imagine yourself doing activities not as AKMU, what would you be doing now and will it satisfy you?

AKMU: We would sing and hang out at home just like before. We would probably sing somewhere enjoying the stage even though we would not be a singer like now.

KU: When you debuted, it felt like both of you were so young but nowadays there are a lot of idols in your age, how do you feel about that?

Suhyun: When we debuted, I was in middle school age, I didn’t have many friends. Luckily, I met Kim Yoo Jung an actress in my age at music show. Now, there are some in my age debuted. I’m getting along with some friends.

KU: Within same-age idols or singers, is there anyone look like they will be fun friend(s)? have you been friends with them and why?

Suhyun: Among idols, there is Yeri in Red Velvet. She is in my (Suhyun) age and she is very fun so we get along well. She is very cute friend with great energy.

KU: Do you have any favorite activity that inspire you more to produce music?

Chanhyuk: I’m into travelling nowadays. I write what I’ve felt while travelling and try to write it as lyrics when I come back home. It is great to have different feelings and inspirations among countries.

KU: If you can judge yourself as well as judge the other as musician, how many point will you give to you & your partner? (out of 100)

Suhyun: As musician… I’ll be generous, will give 90. He writes lyrics and composes songs so I have to admit. I could fill up the other 10 lol.

Chanhyuk: 1.

Suhyun: Maybe he forgot two 0.

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