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Seventeen Shines Singapore’s Night with 2016 Shining Diamonds

Finally we can say the name, Seventeen!

After waiting for what felt like years, the night of Seventeen’s first stop for their first Asia Pacific tour: 2016 Shining Diamonds in Singapore had finally came. We came two hours before the show, but of course the venue was already full with Carats from all around Asia who came to meet the boys. We also got a glimpse of the merchandises of the tour and it looked pretty, thinking maybe we should get one too. The queue was great and fans inside seemed organized.The seat plan was definitely simple, but should every section signs been bigger it could be a lot easier and better for attenders to find their seats because I saw a lot of them found difficulties to find their seats.


The showcase was opened by series of MVs which succeed on getting fans warmed up and sang along. After that, our 13 boys got to the stage and officially begun the show. They started with Rock and ended with the sweetest Love Letter. It might be just we had so much fun, but the show actually felt like really fast. There was no MC, only translator who helped them in Q&A section, and we thought it’s great because it maximized the interaction between Seventeen and fans even without any real interaction like usual fanmeeting. Seventeen has proven their unending charms and abilities in many shows before, but you can actually felt how they really are a bunch of talented boys with the way they handled the stage by themselves with so much charms. With Seungkwan handling the MC spot like usual, Seventeen successfully answered fans’ questions and requests, as well as leading Seventeen in a fun game where each unit compete each other.

SVT SG (2)

Aside for the other sections of the show, of course we can’t leave comments on the performances behind. Seventeen sang 13 songs in total during the two hours show, including units’ performances, and they impressed us yet with another stages full of power and stable live vocals. They presented various performances from cute and cheerful to stronger ones, but they undoubtedly could pull all of them well. We enjoyed the performances and left with wanting more of them, so what more does the show need to become even better? We can’t wait for future chance when we can witness full concert of them with more songs, more performances, more varieties, and of course more time to see the boys, because you know what they are waaaaay more handsome than what cameras have been showing us until now. Shows really don’t do them justice.

SVT SG (5)SVT SG (4)

2016 Seventeen 1st Asia Pacific Tour – Shining Diamonds in Singapore:

  • Shining Diamond
  • Rock
  • Chuck
  • Q&A Time
  • When I Grow Up (Vocal Team)
  • OMG (Performance Team)
  • Fronting (Hip Hop Team)
  • NO F.U.N
  • MC Boo’s Special Game
  • Adore U
  • Mansae
  • Pretty U
  • Very Nice
  • Encore
    • Healing
    • Love letter


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