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[Exclusive Interview] D-14: Park Bo Gum and His Little Wishes


Time flies and we are now only two weeks away until we got to meet the forever adorable young actor, Park Bo Gum, through his tour. 2016-2017 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour Fan Meeting has officially started this month and next stop will be Jakarta on January 13. Before the big day, Korean Updates has the honor to interview the actor to show you even more what you might miss if you don’t get to see this lovely young man later in the fan meeting.

Began his career not too long ago in 2011, Park Bo Gum unbelievably had played variety of roles in not any less varied dramas and/or movies. From the innocent baduk (T/N: Korean traditional chess) player, genius cellist, to psychopath little brother, he seems to have played enough range of character diversity. He expressed that even that, he still wants to play in a teen romance and act as student wearing uniforms. After he wore a lot of beautiful Hanbok (T/N: Korean traditional costume), he wants to show the beauty of Korean school uniforms for his next project. He jokes that he hopes this will come true before he’s too old to play student.

Aside of that, the actor also stated his interest to act in a music inspired projects, such as Begin Again and Sing Street, which then led us to ask his thoughts on acting in a musical. As a lot people know, Park Bo Gum is not only a good actor, but also a good musical instrument player who has a nice voice to boot. The charms of musical that is being on stage and act directly in front of audience makes him to try to challenge the experience in the future.

Everyone had at least once dreaming to become a superhero so we asked the young actor what kind of hero that he wants to be had he has chance to be one. He laughingly reveals that he wants to get the good qualities of all super heroes, but then humbly wrapped his wish by hoping that he could be the one and only “Bogum Hero” for everyone.

We sadly had to end the interview by asking him to tell his New Year’s wish, but of course a special one! We said that wishing his healthiness and luck will be our side’s job, so he thanked us and then said that he wishes all people whom he loves and also people who love him to always be healthy and happy even next year. He also hopes that anytime he works in the future projects, people who work with him will remember him as someone who they want to work with again. He then officially ended our interview by expressing his wish to expand his career to other Asia countries, as well as Hollywood, while never stop learning other languages to make his wish come true.

We are rooting for you, boy!

Photo cr: Mecima Pro (official greetings video)

P.S.: Don’t forget to watch this adorable video greetings below from the one and only Bogum Hero!

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