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One Way Trip: A Trip to Adulthood

When I first knew about this movie there is nothing that makes me not excited about it because SuhoRyu Jun Yeol, Ji Soo combination? I sign up anytime for anything with them. I’m not a fan of Suho’s acting skill in a couple of times he showed it, but I give him the benefit of doubt because he is my bias in EXO and I love watching his interaction with the cast in all of their interviews. Not disregarding Kim Hee Chan, but I only had the chance to see his performance through Cheese in The Trap earlier this year due to not watching Producers where he came out the first time, so he wasn’t part of my excitement before this movie is released.

One Way Trip tells story about four best friends who rashly decided to go for one last trip before one of them enlist in the military. Ji Soo plays as Yong Bi, Ryu Jun Yeol as Ji Gong, Kim Hee Chan as Doo Man, Suho as Sang Woo, and together they are four 20’s best friends who are in their last moments of youth to enter what they think as maturity and adulthood. Ji Soo who for the entire trip looks like their unofficial leader starts all of this when he asks their friends to go for last trip before Suho (Sang Woo)’s enlistment.

Ji Soo and Ryu Jun Yeol act their best as rough and tough-look boys, while Suho and Kim Hee Chan are closer to calmer side of the group. I always love Ji Soo acting as tough, but honestly tender baby guy, while Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Hee Chan show the same solid skill as they showed in their other works that I watched (Reply 1988, Cheese in The Trap). Suho’s acting makes a lot of progress and change since the last time I saw him and I love seeing him being the calmer guy in the group who looks more mature than the rest of his friends, but I really didn’t buy him being poor guy in this movie, because no I never see someone with less money being so clean and sleek like him. Maybe I should blame the make-up, or maybe he just couldn’t convince me enough with his performance.

One Way Trip

I actually had prejudice about this movie after I saw more and more of the promotional stills. I have this feeling that this movie might not be as cheerful as a group of youth should be. I’m not a big fan of sad movie just because I have so many tears like that. Even for the ones that everyone thinks nothing. This coming-of-age movie might be more relatable to boys than girls as the feelings and experiences that our boys had in this movie depict perfectly how a strong boys’ friendship will look like.

This movie is touching and gets the angst right that I could relate to it while thinking about the younger version of me. If you are a fan of the cast like me this movie will 100% be eye candy to you and the cast’s acting performance, as well as their chemistry, complete the package. Just prepare a lot of tissues if you easily cry like me, or not, because this movie has touched a lot of hearts when it comes to its end. The movie will start playing on June 15 in your nearest CGV Blitz cinemas, so make sure to catch it fast!


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