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GOT7 Back Again to Indonesia with Another Bahasa Vocab and Their Promises To IGOT7

After 1 year and 3 month since their last visit to Jakarta, GOT7 are back greeting Indonesia Ahgase with GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” in Jakarta 2017. Started at 6:30PM, GOT7 members opened the fanmeeting with “Let Me” by sitting on a chair, harmonized with the lightstick wave from IGOT7, the hall turned green instantly. For the second song, GOT7 continue to pamper the fans’ ears by singing “Prove it”. Both songs which are more on the soft and ballad side made all the fans sang along to the songs. Emceed by Ichsan Akbar, the fun officially began with the next section of the show.

A few moments later, GOT7 came back to the stage. The fans hysterically screamed as they saw their favorite idols right in front of their eyes again. “Come and get it, GOT7!”, after the group greeting, the members greeted ahgase(Shorten of IGOT7 which is GOT7’s fandom name) individually. One of the unique greeting was from Jackson as he said “It’s your Jakarta boy, Jackson!”. The other members also introduced themselves and even added some Indonesian words into it.

The first session was a Question and answer for GOT7!

The MC asked if the members remember the last time they visited Jakarta. The members said yes and they even stated the right date and also the place, which was also held in Kota Kasablanka too. The MC then asked how do they feel for coming to Indonesia for the second times. One of the member, Youngjae, went to the translator side and whispered something to her which made the fans screamed. He then went back to his seat while smiling widely, “Kalian keren banget!”.

Every member of GOT7 also say some Indonesian words that they have learned such as “Aku cinta kalian” (I love you), “Kalian unyu banget” (You guys are so cute), “Apa kalian kangen kami?” (Do you guys miss me?), “Kalian cantik sekali” (You guys are very pretty), “Kami senang ada di Indonesia” (We are happy to be in Indonesia), “Kaulah segalanya” (You are everything) and lastly, “Halo kalian” (Hello guys). Every sentences from each members made all the fans screamed, seeing their favorite idol talking in their language might be one of the few things they had been waiting for.


GOT7 also shared their thought about the year 2016. They were happy because of their album release, also because of fans they were able to get a lot of achievements. They are preparing for a comeback which will be released in March 2017 and hoping it will make the fans happy. When asked about their feeling getting all the achievements, Youngjae went to the translator again before saying “karena berkat IGOT7” (because of IGOT7).

The MC also asked about their upcoming comeback album which will be released in March 2017. He asked for a hint and spoiler just like in the press conference. Just like in the press conference, Yugyeom spoiled that one second movement to the fans. Ahgase were asking for more but they said that was the only thing they could spoil.

The session was a question and answer from fans! A board with post its paper on it was brought to the stages. The members immediately left their seats to pick the questions or message that they like. Jackson chose a request for Youngjae to do the line he did in “A” teaser music video. Jinyoung chose the one who asked for Bambam to sing, so he has no other choice but to sing Jeff Bernatt’s “Call You Mine”. Mark chose a request “for fans”, which means fanservice by doing peppero games between the members. The other members then played rock, paper, scissor to choose who will play it with Mark and Youngjae was chosen. The post it JB chose was a warm message from a fan that said “Thank you for being you” which was then replied with “Thank you for being you too”. Youngjae chose a post it that requesting JB to backhug Youngjae himself, the fans then turned screamed hysterically when the two did it with sexy version as requested by the other members. Yugyeom had to sing for Putrinoona (a fan name) because of post it that Bambam chose. Lastly, Yugyeom chose a post it and asked Bambam to properly say the famous Indonesian line “Om telolet om”. GOT7 were asked about their feelings doing all the requested from fans and JB answered that he was very happy and thankful for the message while Youngjae said it was a new experience. Next, GOT7 performed “BOOM x3” and also specially performed “SKYWAY” for the fans in Jakarta.



The fanmeeting continues with the last session where 7 lucky fans were chose by lucky draw personally picked by the members. 7 lucky fans were paired up with GOT7 members to play mini basketball. The fans screamed in jealousy when they saw some of the lucky fans were holding hands and doing some skinship with GOT7. As they played the game, GOT7 members kept saying on how hard the game was. They would also teased the other member who was playing, saying that the girl was doing even better than them. For this game, the winner was Jackson with 9 points! Every lucky fans got chocolates as presents.

After the game ended, GOT7 went back to the backstage. A VCR showing behind the scene of “Hard Carry” music video. GOT7 then coming back on stage performing “FLY” and “If You Do” before the MC said that the show has finally ended.

The member then said their last message to the fans. Bambam also talked about the incidents at the airport when they arrived at Jakarta. He said that the fans didn’t have to feel sorry, but he also asked the fans to not do that again and be a good girl next time. The other members also said that they will for sure visit Jakarta again soon.

Bambam: “Thank you so much! We promise we will be back soon. We will do better and make 2017 become GOT7’s year!”

The members then took a picture with the fans from the stage before they performed their last song “Hard Carry”, showing their powerful and strong side. Even the show as nearly the end, the fans were still showing their enthusiasm with loud fanchant. As usual, they went back to the backstage first before they sang encore song “Home Run”. Fans started to stood up and run near the stage to see their idol closer, creating big commotion to the front area.


One hour and 30 minutes never been felt this fast as we enjoy the show to the maximum level. Just like the previous fanmeeting, this time too, it left a big impression in their hearts. Being able to watch their favorite idol in real life would be the best thing as a fangirl. So, we hope GOT7 to come back again in the future too!

Just as Jackson said at the very end of the show, “Jakarta! We will be back!”

We would like to thank Mecima Pro for bringing GOT7 back to meet Indonesia Ahgase for the 2nd time also thank you for trusting us as the media partner of the show. We can’t wait for the next project and it shall be an awesome event too!


Written by Jesica Hawari
About Vanessa (609 Articles)
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