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DAY6 is back to Singapore after a year!

JYP Entertainment band group, DAY6 came to Singapore back again after 1 year to hold the fanmeeting with better music to return to the fans.


The boys started off their Fan Meeting with ‘Blood‘ and ‘Like That Sun‘, followed by a section where the members are to grant  the requests from fans, such as a dance byYoung K, a rap by Jae and Wonpil, a song byDowoon, and a cute way of (“aegyo”) by Sungjin and Dowoon.


DAY6 were asked about  their plans for a comeback, the boys did not give much hints about the type of concept they have in mind, but assure the fans that 2017 will be the greatest year for them and hope that the fans can look forward to support DAY6 in 2016

The boys continue to perform the songs ‘First Time‘, ‘Congratulations‘. The lucky fans were invited to to play song guessing game with DAY6.


DAY6 ended the fan meeting with the songs ‘Hunt‘ and ‘Freely‘ as their final encore stages.

KoreanUpdates would like to thank TAP and IME for inviting us to cover for the fanmeeting

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