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SH CUP 2016: A Fun Match of Two Countries’ Celebrities


The long awaited soccer match between FC Men (members include XIA Junsu, BEAST’s Doojoon, and Kikwang) and Indonesian celebrities football club, Selebritis FC, has finally arrived. The 2 times 45 minutes soccer match between two clubs was hold at Stadion Patriot Candrabaga, Bekasi, on November 5 night (7 pm onwards). The stadium wasn’t as packed as usual big league matches, but the audiences’ screams were enough to fill in the cheers and made the game heated.


The first half of the game was slower than expected, even with 4 goals in total as both team scored 2 goals each, with one score for FC Men was suicidal act by Vicky Nitinegoro of Selebritis FC. Second half was more intense as the game was more heated as well as the players who seemed to fall here and there while fighting for the ball to add another score. Match was wrapped with final points 5:3 won by FC Men from South Korea which led by none other than BEAST’s Kikwang.

Stars of the night from both team were Eunhu (22) of FC Men and Rifky (99) of Selebritis FC who scored 2 goals each for their team. Supporters who mostly are Indonesian were seen with various cheering tools showing their loves to some FC Men members, but cheered for their local team (Selebritis FC) nonetheless every time the team was nearing to score a goal.


The match was fun, even when it was slower for a couple of parts, but the crowds seemed to enjoy the game and players said they had fun playing, we think that is all that matters for a match held for fun.

More photos are up at Korean Updates Facebook page.

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