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[Press Conference] 2016-2017 Park Bogum Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Jakarta

After what feels like a really long wait, the day has finally come for rising star Park Bo Gum to visit Jakarta for his 2016-2017 Park Bogum Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Jakarta. The actor arrived 2 nights before the event and he seems like enjoying the town immediately as shown from pictures of him visiting local “sate” store and posing with local durians.

Press conference of the event was held today, one day before the event, and we as media couldn’t feel happier than seeing our main star of the day all smiles from the minute he shows up until the last minute we took pictures of him. The MC officially started the conference by asking Park Bo Gum to greet the media and introduce himself.

Enjoy the rest of the Press Conference below!


Q: This is your first time in Indonesia, right?

Yes, this is my first time. I feel nervous and fluttered because I can finally meet my fans in Indonesia.

Q: What did you feel the first time you heard that you will meet your Indonesian fans?

I was surprised, actually. Because I never had any official activity in Indonesia, so once I heard that there are a lot of Hallyu (T/N: Korean Wave) in Indonesia I feel thankful.

Q: In your fan meeting in Malaysia you wore Malaysia’s traditional costume and when you were in Hong Kong you sang Christmas carol with your fans there. What is your special gift in Indonesia?

I have prepared a surprising special gift for Indonesian fans, so you have to see it tomorrow for sure! (smile)

Q: What points do you think that make this fan meeting special?

Firstly, be able meeting with fans and spend time with them are special for me. And also because this is my first time visiting Indonesia and hold fan meeting here make it more special.

Q: Have you go around Jakarta? How do you think about it?

Yes, I have. Because it’s currently Winter in Korea, so it feels fresh because it’s Summer in Jakarta. I like it because I don’t have to wear thick clothes. And I was touched to see a lot of fans came to welcome me once I arrived in Jakarta. (You didn’t expect to have a lot of fans here?) Ya (speaking in Bahasa) (smile).

Q: Why do you think a lot of people love “Reply 1988” and “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”?

For Reply 1988, I think a lot of people like it because it’s a story about family and neighbors. As for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, (I think) it was received well because we wore a lot of pretty Hanbok (T/N: Korean traditional clothes) so people can see the beauty of Korean culture as well as there were a lot of pretty scenes which made people like the drama.

Q: So if you were to choose, which one do you like better?

Of course I like both of them. It’s also because thanks to both I can visit Indonesia this time and gained a lot of fans, so both of them are special to me.

Q: Have you tried Indonesian foods? What did you try?

Yesterday, after I’ve arrived I immediately tried mie goreng (Indonesia fried noodles), nasi goreng (Indonesia fried rice), sate (Indonesia satay), and I also tried durian for the first time. I really ate a lot.


Q: Could you share your plans in 2017?

Firstly, the fan meeting tour will be held until March. After that, I will try to show better acting through good projects.

Q: You have played a lot of roles before, can you tell us which one is the most memorable for you?

I actually remember all the roles that I have played and I dearly cherish all of them. I like all of them, but maybe because last year’s Reply 1988 and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds I received a really great love from public, they are a bit more memorable for me.

Q: Do you have any role that you want to try?

Because I still have a lot of roles that I haven’t try, I want to try roles that I can enjoy and do well as many as possible. Can I perhaps ask what kind of role do you think will suit me? (Audience: student, CEO, soldier, psychopath!) I actually have already played a psychopath role before… (Audience: Yes, “I Remember You”!) Oh, you watched that? I acted with Seo In Guk in I Remember You. (Audience: How about soldier?) Like Song Joong Ki? I will try in the future, haha.

Q: You meet a lot of fans while doing this tour, actually what is the meaning of fans for you?

Even we are from different country, speak different language, but we can still share our minds and sincerity. I always think fans are really precious. Fans can lift up my spirit and my mood whenever I feel down.

Q: Do you have any moment with fans that you find really difficult to forget?

Being known by a lot of fans is already something that is meaningful to me. I tend to remember all of fans whom I have met. For me, the moment when I met my fans in HI-TOUCH session and be able to see their eyes directly one by one is the most memorable one.

Q: Do you want to collaborate with any Asian artist?

There are a lot of artists who I want to collaborate with. If I had the chance, I want to work with a lot of great seniors, as well as working with Song Joong Ki. And just like you asked me whom I want to collaborate with, I want to be someone that other want to work with.

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