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APINK Is Having A Great Time With Singapore PANDAS On Pink Memory Day 2016!

Apink are back after their last year visit to Singapore. Apink Memory in Singapore started off with “Remember” bringing Singapore Pandas to cheer for Apink. Due to Namjoo’s injuries, when the members were dancing, she sat on the left side of the stage and sang along with the other members.
After the three powerful songs (Remember, Good Morning and NoNoNo), the girls greeted Singapore fans. It started with Chorong where she mentioned that she misses Singapore fans and hope fans had a great time today. Next was Bomi, she also mentioned that she misses Singapore fans and shocked to see the number of fans present. Followed by Eunji, thanking fans for coming and hope fans would have a great day.

Namjoo said that she missed Singapore and asked if Singapore fan misses them. When Namjoo was expressing how much she misses Singapore fans, fans prepared a small project where everyone raised their hand-held banner which says: ‘Get Well Soon, Namjoo’. She was so touched that tears could be seen in Namjoo’s eyes and the other members told Namjoo not to cry. Hayoung says she love Singapore fans and thank fans for coming today and hope that today will be a memorable day for the fans.

After introduction MC asked Apink what they misses most in Singapore, Eunji said it was chili crab but shortly she changed and said she misses most was fans and then chili crab. Bomi continued by asking fans to cheer for Namjoo and Namjoo was sorry that she was not able to perform, promising fans that she will perform better the next time.

Fans also got the opportunity to play games with Apink! The girls choose fans and team members by playing rock paper scissors. Both fans and Apink had a lot of fun playing the action guessing game.

Another fan project was “나도에이핑크만사랑해요( I only love Apink as well)” prepared by Singapore fans.

APink also prepared a video for their fans “Apink Diary 3” about their North America tour.

Singapore fans prepared a special tiered cake in celebration of their 5th anniversary. There was also a special video made by Singapore Pandas showing the hard and good time of Apink. After the girls watched the videos, they were all teary and thanks the fans for the video.

Apink dedicated ‘April 19th’ to express their gratitude to the fans and wrapped the concert with an encore song, ‘Up to the Sky’.

We would like to thanks Three Angles Production for inviting us to PINK MEMORY DAY Mini Concert and Fan Meeting in Singapore.

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