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[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Akdong Musician in Singapore!

If there is any issue that you want to tell story through your music, what would it be?
Suhyun: actually I assumed, the kind of music that we do a lot is one that can actually “share a similar feeling, like can relate to the feelings, can actually console them, and give a piece of advice” kind of music. Our music are more varied. I mean, of course, our songs and genre can be different, but our message stays the same.
Do you think you have influence within public? why yes and in which way/why not?

I believe we have influence, (they) hope (they) do. The time that we feel that we have influence is that when we actually see comments by netizens or, like, our fans that (said) after they hear our song they actually feel touched, and they feel like crying, like in those hard times they actually listen to our song and how them make decisions and how them convinced their goals. That’s when they feel that they have influence.


“I have to be like this in 10 years”, what the answer will be?

Chanhyuk’s answer: After ten years I think I will have 4th Vocal, which means 1st vocal is with Soohyun, And there will be three more in ten years. and Suhyun said: That’s cool.

Suhyun’s answer: After ten years I hope to be a trusted singer. People don’t actually have to listen to a song to know that I’m good, like once they know that I sing “oh it’s her, she’s good” and actually can just trust her album and listen to it. Regardless of which genre it is. I have to put a lot of effort to make this happen, like many songs I have to released within the ten years to make this happen.


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