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Train To Busan; When Human Deals With ‘Human’


The thriller-long awaited movie from South Korea has finally arrived in Indonesia. Train To Busan (Busan haeng/부산행) is one of the masterpiece which will make you stick your eyes to the screen even from the very beginning of the movie.

Directed by Yeon Sang Ho, Train To Busan promises you the exhilarating moments with a good plot, good story, great cast, and great lesson of life. The story get intense in no time, do not blink or you’ll miss the story. When you got immersed with the scare of zombies, Train To Busan slips a bit of laugh where you can relax a bit from watching them running away from the zombies. But once you go through another scene, it can flips you to the saddest part and have a watery eyes.

I personally in awe with the cinematography, it succeed gaining a “wow” from every audiences during the premiere. They succeed showing the horrible sight of destroyed South Korea after the zombie attack and make it grand, will leave you in goosebumps.


Not forgetting the great cast they have out there, Gong Yoo, Kim Su An, Jung Yu Mi, Ma Dong Seok, Choi Woo Sik, Ahn So Hee, and others, they deliver the chill, scare, and panic in the train to the audience perfectly. I’d like to highlight Kim Su An as the child actress, who once again prove her acting talent in this movie. She can break your heart and make you drop your tears emotionally within the movie.


Train To Busan brings you scare, laugh, sadness, panic, love, furious, anger just in almost-2 hours long movie. The mixed emotions delivered makes this movie worth to watch and I pointed out some great lessons of life which will make you think to start considering others, your ego and greed.

A tip for you who’s eager to watch this. Train To Busan is not merely a horror movie with surprising entrance of ghosts, not at all. But you must be prepared with the zombie appearance with blood, will make some of you disturbed with the make up if you can’t handle it.

The movie will start playing on August 30 2016 at Cinemaxx theater. We’d like to deliver thanks to Cinemaxx and Feat Pictures for bringing Train To Busan for movie lovers in Indonesia and for the invitation to the premiere. Last but not least, I guarantee you won’t even forget a bit of it after you left the theater.

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