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Thanks for Coming Back with Phantasia in Jakarta, Girls’ Generation!

Three years after their last visit to Indonesia in 2013 through their Girls & Peace world tour, Girls’ Generation, finally come back with their 4th world tour, Phantasia in Jakarta. Many has happened for the past three years and even with one less member we could feel the same strong energy, if not more, from the members Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun, while watching their concert tonight.

The absence of fans could be felt in some sections, but we got no less spirit from the incredible fans of Girls’ Generation who presented in the concert, both female and male fans. The feeling we got while watching the concert didn’t feel like there were less people than we thought it would be because the screaming and chants were absolutely fantastic even the girls themselves admitted to feel surprised by the support they got from fans’ chants. SM Entertainment never failed to produced great concert concept, especially the lighting effects and the stories told through VCRs. Our favorite VCR goes to Girls’ Talk VCR prior their Lion Heart performance which actually describe perfectly how girls’ conversation usually look like and smoothly leading to their description of one of their latest hits MV main lead, Mr. Lion, as a perfect candidate for a boyfriend.


The concert was opened by You Think performance which successfully pumped up our energy to start the concert and ended by the cute and fresh song Party (without lemon soju and tequila, of course). Girls’ Generation threw great performances as always for each of their songs, but if we could choose our top 3 performance then them will go to Into the New World (ballad version), Genie (jazz version), and special sub-groups performances of TaeTiSeo, Sunny & Yoona, and SHY. We especially loved the surprise visit to fans below the stage by Sunny and Yoona while performing Sugar! It’s 100% not because there is saying that old schools are the best, but we see how the girls look like they enjoyed those three stages the most, or maybe not, they simply great in every performances, but just because we create the condition to choose top 3, that’s all. Tiffany who is a known member for her least ability to memorize choreographs went by her known nick name as she was seen cutely made mistakes in some of the first couples of songs. It was actually really cute to see it directly how she didn’t even realize her mistake for a couple of seconds to just smoothly following other members after she realized her mistakes. It’s okay, Tiffany, it added some spices and cuteness to the performance and made it more humane to other God level performances.

When their introduction time came, the girls easily success in introducing themselves with Indonesian language and say how they miss Indonesian fans as much as the fans miss them. In one of their talk times, each girl gave updates on their latest gigs or upcoming projects as Hyoyeon shared about her holiday to Bali and how she feels like it will be great to film their next MV there, Taeyeon spoiled about her upcoming solo comeback and shared her hope for fans to wait for it, Seohyun proudly announced her recent musical and how members promised to watch it, Yuri asked fans to watch her upcoming web drama, Yoona told fans how she’s currently busy with movie filming and doing promotions of her well-received Chinese drama, Sooyoung shared her current drama filming activity while still active in her SNS posts, Sunny showed off her current leisure time, and Tiffany showed her anticipation to her upcoming solo project. The members didn’t forget to mention their thankfulness to fans who were willing to come again even after three years since their last visit and how they feel touched by fans’ project who thanked them for once again visiting Indonesia.

Overall, the concert was great, but we think it would be perfect if there were more people who can enjoyed it just like us, because it might be latest concert where fans feel the closest with the idols as they constantly looking at the audiences and even gave surprises by greeted us directly and closely. Even when some spaces were not filled today, I hope Girls’ Generation members felt as happy as we were and can come again next time to give us an even more amazing concert!

Below is the set list of Girls’ Generation 4th Tour – Phantasia in Jakarta:

  1. You Think
  2. Genie (Jazz version)
  3. Bump It
  4. Show Girls
  5. Paparazzi
  6. Kissing You
  7. Green Light
  8. Paradise
  9. Adrenaline (TaeTiSeo)
  10. Sugar (Sunny & Yoona)
  11. Push It (SHY, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri)
  12. Lion Heart
  13. Hoot
  14. Gee
  15. Mr. Mr.
  16. Sign
  17. Run Devil Run
  18. Mr. Taxi
  19. Catch Me If You Can
  20. Fire Alarm
  21. The Boys
  22. Into the New World (ballad version)
  23. Snowy Wish
  24. Diamond
  25. Love & Girls
  26. Party
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