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ITZY Turns Up The Heat With Their Overflowing Charms at The Group’s First World Tour “CHECKMATE” in Jakarta

ITZY continued their first concert at the next stop in Indonesia on February 4, 2023. The group who marked their first visit to Indonesia through a showcase three years ago as a rookie, came back to hold a concert titled “ITZY THE 1st WORLD TOUR <CHECKMATE> in JAKARTA”.

Taking place in Tennis Indoor Senayan, the show started at 6:30 PM WIB with Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Charyeong, and Yuna already set the stage on fire with “In The Morning”, “Sorry Not Sorry”, and “SHOOT!” 

Looked gorgeous in glittery white suits, the explosion energy is balanced from both ITZY and their beloved fans, MIDZY. While the idol performed with full energy, the fans also shouted and sang along to the song loudly throughout the performances. Talking about the concert, Chaeryeong unveiled, “Today is our first solo concert, we prepared a lot that MIDZY might like, so please anticipate it.”

The 4 years old idol showcased a solo stage, started with the main rapper Ryujin who performed “Boss Beach by Doja Cat. With an oversized fur jacket, she’s heated the stage to the max with her charm and aggressive rap. Next, the maknae Yuna appeared on stage by riding a bike with a bucket of flowers in the basket and singing “Maniac” by Conan Gray. She successfully delivered an excellent performance that made the crowd keep wowing her performances. The main vocalist Lia is in charge of calming down the mood by singing “Red” by Taylor Swift. The live vocal skills make you understand why she’s trusted to lend her voice to the OST of popular dramas “The Red Sleeve” and “The Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”.  

The tension maintained at its hottest level as the dance songs “WANNABE”, “DALLA DALLA”, and “SNEAKERS” started playing and forming a loud cheer. The fans continue their karaoke session (sing along) at their best.   

Solo stage performances continue with Chaeryeong performing Ariana Grande’s song “Bloodline” by pouring out all her sexiness onto the stage. The last, the charismatic leader Yeji show-off her powerful yet stable vocal on “Hotter Than Hell” by Dua Lipa. After the members finished their solo stage, Ryujin pointed out that each stage shows a different color of each member.

One of the funniest parts of the concert is when ITZY gave a mission to MIDZY. Consisting of three missions, the first mission was to challenge some selected MIDZY to dance to ITZY songs. Some of the fans were quite surprised as their face suddenly appeared on the screen but as the music started, they nailed the choreo. The second mission was singing along with the speed and the last mission was to raise the lightring and scream. This segment makes sure everyone is having fun and to be ‘not shy’ just like their idol song.

ITZY World Tour CHECKMATE in Jakarta

To celebrate the group’s 4th anniversary on February 12, the fans’ prepared a fan project video. After the video ended, the fans raise the hand banner project written with a heartfelt message, “Happy 4nniversary, MIDZY 4ever with ITZY.” Later, the member revealed they felt touched, especially Lia who cried while watching the video said that MIDZY’s message on the video makes her cry and thanked fans for being on their side for the past 4 years.   

Wrapping up the 3 hours concert that night, ITZY said they will return to Indonesia and give a farewell with “Sampai jumpa (see you).”

Through it is the group’s first world tour, after experiencing the concert, we recommend you to attend ITZY’s concert at least once in a lifetime. All of the group’s songs are a kind of concert song that makes you sing along and groove to the music throughout the show.

KoreanUpdates thank Mecimapro for inviting us to the concert and letting us enjoy the show along with MIDZY.


  1. In The Morning
  2. Sorry Not Sorry
  3. SHOOT!
  4. What I Want
  5. 365
  6. Ryujin solo: Boss Beach by Doja Cat
  7. Cherry
  8. ICY
  9. Free Fall
  10. Twenty
  11. Yuna solo: Maniac by Conan Grey 
  12. Lia solo: Red by Taylor Swift
  16. Chaeryeong solo: Bloodline by Ariana Grande
  17. Yeji solo: Hotter Than Hell by Dua Lipa
  19. LOCO
  20. Not Shy
  21. DOMINO
  22. Trust Me (MIDZY)
  23. Boys Like You
  24. Nobody Like You

Reported by Mutia Drajat

Photo: ITZY’s official Twitter

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