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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] SF9 Rowoon Tries to Talk About Love and ‘She Would Never Know’

Made based on popular novel by Elise in 2017, She Would Never Know, successfully grabbed the hearts of many throughout its run. The drama stars Won Jin Ah, Rowoon (SF9), Lee Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Bin, who played as four people trapped in a complicated relationship with each other.

After getting to know more about the other leads Won Jin Ah, Lee Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Bin, at last we are taking our chance to talk about love and the recently ended drama with the leading man, Rowoon. What is his take on his character Hyun Seung and the drama itself? Let’s find them below!

This is your second time leading a drama. From playing as a student to now acting as an office worker, is it more difficult now? How did you prepare for your role? Do you feel more confident compare to your first time?

Firstly I tried to understand the meaning of becoming an adult, so I read a lot about philosophy and psychology, as well as consulting about that with many people. In the end I realized that every person can have different look about this, even though we live in the same world. Additionally, I also practiced on my vocalization and pronunciation so that I could deliver my dialogues more accurately. I also read the script passionately to improvise and be more creative.

You said that Chae Hyun Seung is someone who is good with what he does and seems to not lacking anything, except that he can’t express his feelings weel. He didn’t hesitate to have his feelings for Song Ah by himself not until he found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Is there any similarity between you and Hyun Seung, including the way you deal with love? Which trait of Hyun Seung that you wish you have? What do you think is the strength and charm of your character?

Actually I’m not sure what kind of person I am in front of love and I honestly don’t know myself that well. I just tried to accept Hyun Seung and his love for what they are. The title of the drama is unique and somehow feels sexy. Hyun Seung is not real, so when I heard the title for the first time I thought it is kind of appealing.

What is your impression of Won Jin Ah and how do you feel working with her? How do you rate your teamwork with her?

When I was reading the script, there was a lot of ideas popped up in my mind. When I expressed them while filming, Jin Ah proves herself to be an open and supple actress. I’m sure that this what they mean as the best partner.

Jin Ah is very charming. Whenever we are on set, I asked a lot because I never have experience working in an office before. Before the shoot, we often eat and discuss together on how we can express a lot of things better. She’s a great senior.

This is your first time working with Won Jin Ah, what is your favorite scene?

My favorite is the scene where we hang out in BBQ restaurant*.

*The scene can be found on episode 3.

The drama feels more like adult romance than a romantic comedy. What makes the love story special?

Nothing is different. Even if there was difference, maybe the one who are in love can differentiate them.

Was there any unforgettable moment while filming? Is there any thing worth waiting for viewers?

Honestly, every moment is unforgettable. All of the scenes are special for me. I hope that all of them can stay as good memory for me.

The story is set in a cosmetic brand company – as a man, do you have any self care tip and what do you think is important to look good and comfortable?

Love yourself. There is no limit of things that we can imagine and wish for, that’s why the most important thing is to love yourself.

What is your plan this year? Please greet your fans who are wishing to meet you.

The most important thing is to do your best everyday. I always feel thankful to my fans. You are the reason why I’m here now. I will always work hard according to what I believe.

For you who have finished your lovely journey with She Would Never Know or those of you who decided to be patient until it ended, the drama can be binge-watched now exclusively on iQIYI! You can enjoy various titles and type of shows, including She Would Never Know, through iQIYI app on your mobile or go directly to to enjoy it on your desktop.

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