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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Meet the Confident and Cool Hyo Joo from ‘She Would Never Know’, Lee Joo Bin

Made based on popular novel by Elise in 2017, She Would Never Know, successfully grabbed the hearts of many throughout its run. The drama stars Won Jin Ah, Rowoon (SF9), Lee Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Bin, who played as four people trapped in a complicated relationship with each other.

Lee Joo Bin, who played the seemingly cold Lee Hyo Joo, in the drama, brought us together to learn more about her character and what made her interested in picking the project. What’s so special about She Would Never Know and Lee Hyo Joo? Let’s meet the beautiful photographer!

Can you please tell us about your character in She Would Never Know and her charms?

My character is named Lee Hyo Joo, the granddaughter of KLAR founder, cosmetic company inside the story. She has everything and always looks full of confidence, fearless, but she doesn’t know how to love other. That makes her hurt herself and people that she loves. She is struggling between two constracting things, logic and feeling.

Your character is a photographer who is known for her beauty, how is your real life photography skill?

People around me always say that I have zero skill in taking photos. Even though I honestly think it’s not that bad, but everyone says the outcome always look the same.

What is the most challenging aspect while playing your character?

For me, it’s hard to visualize Hyo Joo’s story which are not on the script. That is a challenge for me, to express a lot of deep and strong emotions through the drama.

You have acted in a lot of romantic comedy drama, why is She Would Never Know different?

Hyo Joo is not an evil person, but at a lot of scenes, her way of expressing her feelings often come out as strong as villains. It is interesting for me whenever Hyo Joo screams her heart out without caring about other people.

What is your thoughts on the complicated love in She Would Never Know?

In my opinion, it pictures something that really can happen in real life.

Which is your favorite scene on She Would Never Know or which one is the most interesting part that you want to share to viewers?

I really love scenes with KLAR’s staffs eating or working together. It makes me thinking, it must be nice to work with that kind of group.

What made you accept the offer to star in She Would Never Know?

I think the title of this drama* is really unique and the confident and cool Hyo Joo picked up my interest.

*the literal translation of the Korean title is Sunbae, Don’t Put That Lipstick On

Is there any unforgettable episode while filming?

That scene where Hyo Joo screams in the middle of snow outside a bar. In that particular scene, I felt really connected with her, it felt like I become Hyo Joo. We took the scene for many times and I got cold because of it. The very next day, my voice wouldn’t come out. It’s a new experience for me, that’s why it’s an unforgettable one.

As the story comes from novel, people might have certain expectation of each character before the drama. Do you have any tip on making your depiction of the character shines?

The relationship between Song Ah and Hyun Seung might seem like nothing’s special, but their feelings for each other are profound and delicate, it shows the great quality of the drama. Their story is similar to something that you can find around. Additionally, office romance is a genre that is easy to turn flat, but the drama successfully portray their growth from co-workers to intimate lovers.

For you who have finished your lovely journey with She Would Never Know or those of you who decided to be patient until it ended, the drama can be binge-watched now exclusively on iQIYI! You can enjoy various titles and type of shows, including She Would Never Know, through iQIYI app on your mobile or go directly to to enjoy it on your desktop.

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