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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Get to Know Lee Hyun Wook, the Lee Jae Shin from ‘She Would Never Know’

Made based on popular novel by Elise in 2017, She Would Never Know, successfully grabbed the hearts of many throughout its run. The drama stars Won Jin Ah, Rowoon (SF9), Lee Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Bin, who played as four people trapped in a complicated relationship with each other.

After meeting up with Lee Joo Bin, who lets us know more about her character Lee Hyo Joo beyond her surface, let’s meet the liar and shining GM Lee Jae Shin, who is played by rising star Lee Hyun Wook!

Playing as an office worker in this drama, is it easier for you to act? What is interesting about your character compare to your previous ones?

Lee Jae Shin is a perfect character. He is handsome, rich, and everyone wants to be him, especially materialistic people.

Tell us about your character in the drama and what makes him interesting that made you choose him?

In some aspects, Lee Jae Shin is the most conflicted character in the drama. Due to his childhood’s memories, he is someone who is thriving for success which cause him hurt without he realizes. I thought I didn’t offer anything special. I met the production team for the first time through an audition and they were really nice and trusted me. I feel so lucky to be able to work with them.

Your character hides his feelings well, is there any similarity between your personality and Lee Jae Shin’s?

I tend to not telling people when I have difficulties and try to solve it myself. I don’t like to be depressed or stucked, so I always try so that my actions won’t affect my feelings. I think for those aspects, I’m similar with Jae Shin.

Is there any unforgettable moment while filming? Was there a lot of NG?

As I was also busy with movie filming, I’m honestly not really sure. But for sure, I worked happily and the filming was enjoyable, so even there was a lot of NGs I didn’t find any problem.

In the early story, it was revealed that Lee Jae Shin is hiding his engagement and dating Song Ah in secret for 2 years. Did you feel angered by him when reading the script? If you could say anything to Lee Jae Shin, what would you say?

Whatever his reason is, lying is bad. What annoys me the most from Lee Jae Shin is what he did after his secret was revealed to Song Ah. But at the same time, he sincerely loves Song Ah, so I think that he’s a pitiful character.

Which scene is the most interesting one to share?

Scene where Hyun Seung and Song Ah express their love for each other. That is the main, start, and finishing point of our drama.

As the story comes from novel, people might have certain expectation of each character before the drama. Do you have any tip on making your depiction of the character shines?

In some cases, the character in the novel seems more like a machine and unrealistic, but the production team and screenwriter make Lee Jae Shin  to have his own story rather than a mere supporting character. I tried to follow the script to make this character more realistic and humane.

The drama feels more like adult romance than a romantic comedy. What makes the love story special?

There are some parts that feel like real life and fairy tale coming together, which makes it feel more mature than the romance stories that we have been used to. Instead of summing it up as an ordinary love story, it’s better to think that the story covers wider matters and takes a deeper understanding of relationship between human beings and love.

From zombie to soldier to Lee Jae Shin, you have acted different characters. Do you have any role that you’ve been dreaming of?

I want to try dark comedy. I want to continuously try new acting challenge and do everything every time I found an interesting character.

For you who have finished your lovely journey with She Would Never Know or those of you who decided to be patient until it ended, the drama can be binge-watched now exclusively on iQIYI! You can enjoy various titles and type of shows, including She Would Never Know, through iQIYI app on your mobile or go directly to to enjoy it on your desktop.

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