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ITZY Sayang MIDZY! ITZY Kicked Off Their Tour with Powerful Performance in Jakarta


The super rookie group from JYP Entertainment ITZY kicking off their 1st Premiere Showcase Tour in Jakarta!

Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Charyeong, and Yuna expressed their love, nervous, and excitement meeting Indonesia MIDZY for the very first time. This also marking their tour as Jakarta is chosen as the 1st stop of the journey.

ITZY starting off powerfully with their newest song ‘ICY’ and continued with ‘IT’z Summer’. We are all agree that their performance was an energetic and fun to watch as we can also hear the fanchant and scream throughout the performance in the hall. Of course the show doesn’t feel complete without the greetings in bahasa Indonesia from the members and it continues to the next segment to get to know member’s answer for the question that’s sent by MIDZY. The show continues with a short game, a relay game where the members should explain the word given with their body and as it soon coming to an end, the members reveals they gonna have a special performance prepared by them for MIDZY!

5 girls successfully performed their senior’s song ‘TT’ from TWICE and ‘Hard Carry’ from GOT7, fans were all surprised with the special performance and once again proving ITZY can show various charm from cute to strong image with the cover performance. Their song ‘Cherry’ also performed for the first time in this showcase! A special performance indeed.

As the show slowly coming to an end, ITZY wishes fans having fun during the show and wishing to meet Indonesia MIDZY once again for another tour! They also expressed they previously feel nervous before the show but it was all gone as they were on stage and meeting MIDZY. The super rookie also can wait to feel the hot response and support from MIDZY once again on another meet! The fan project and a group photo was done and the members were seen tearing up watching the fan video as they getting the flashback to their struggle before their debut.

‘Want It’ and their debut song ‘Dalla Dalla’ was performed marking the end of the show. ITZY members thaking the fans for coming and hoping to meet again soon!

ITZY sayang MIDZY,  sampai jumpa lagi” – ITZY

Reporter: Vanessa

Photo: MecimaPro

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