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[Press Conference] ITZY Who was Welcomed by Nasi Goreng and the Great Energy from Indonesian Fans


We sincerely love the name of current super rookie girl group, ITZY, especially with the puns they play for people who understand Korean. And as expected, we love the cheerful, humble, and lovely girls, too!

Entering the press conference venue with all smiles and their beautiful faces, ITZY greeted the media and let us squeal with their pretty energy. The Q&A session was started by ITZY introduction in Bahasa Indonesia

Halo, nama saya Yeji“(t/n: Hello, my name is Yeji)
Halo aku Lia” (t/n: Hello, I’m Lia)
Halo, nama saya Ryujin” (t/n: Hello, my name is Ryujin)
Apa kabar? Nama saya Chaeryeong” (t/n: How are you doing? My name is Chaeryeong)
“Apa kabar? Aku Yuna!” (t/n: How are you doing? I’m Yuna)

Yeji admitted that the group felt nervous about coming to Jakarta for the first time, but they also feel honored to be able to hold their first showcase here. When asked about other words of Bahasa Indonesia that they have learned aside from their greetings, the girls answered “Unyu unyu (t/n: cuties)” in sync and added “Terima kasih (t/n: thank you)”, as well as “Aku sayang MIDZY (t/n: I love MIDZY)” to complete the answer.

Visiting Jakarta only for their showcase tour in Indonesia, Lia confessed that she hopes that she can visit Bali also in the future with the members. She said that she has heard a lot of good things about the place and it is said to have beautiful scenery. Lia also said that the members honestly love to eat Nasi Goreng (t/n: Indonesian fried rice) even before coming here, so the first meals they had the night they arrived in Jakarta were Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng (t/n: Indonesian fried noodle). The members cutely showing their excitement when choosing Nasi Goreng over Mi Goreng when asked which one they prefer between the two.

For their first showcase tour stop in Jakarta, Ryujin said they have prepared a session to interact with their fans and also stages that have never been performed before, as well as special performances. Chaeryeong said that they honestly felt really excited to visit Jakarta as their first stop because their seniors told them how they love the great energy of Indonesian fans.

As their fans, MIDZY, has been showing nothing but support and love for ITZY, the group felt thankful for their presence and wants to repay the love with the same energy and love to the fans. Chaeryeong especially said one of the most memorable moments with MIDZY, their fans, is every time they see their fans supporting them while watching their performances.

Yeji shared that they feel thankful and believe that their showcase tour is only possible because of the fans’ support which allows them to not only visit cities in Asia, but also in America. Yeji also expressed how they feel more than happy to show their different sides and perform in front of their global fans. Talking about the global phenomenon of Hallyu, Chaeryeong said it might make them feel a little bit pressured as KPOP is now more known within international fans, but that fact also makes them want to try harder and show the best image of ITZY to the world.

ITZY feels thankful that they are even considered as super rookie this year, but even without the title, ITZY wants to spend their beginning happily and continue to work harder so they fit the super rookie title better. Yuna said that she thinks that their achievements this year is none other than thanks to their fans, MIDZY. Knowing the tremendous support they get from their fans and others, ITZY is continuously trying to work hard for them.


The conference was wrapped up with ITZY saying to their Indonesian fans how they feel ecstatic to be here and they hope that the fans can enjoy their performance tonight as much as they are happy to be here.

Written by: Rizka Annisa
Photos by: Vanessa Fabiola

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