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Asian Sound Syndicate Vol. 1: Fiery, Hypnotizing Stages of iKON’s Bobby and Crush

The most anticipated Hip Hop Festival, Asian Sound Syndicate Vol. 1, was finally held last Saturday at the Helipad Parking Ground Gelora Bung Karno Senayan. Reviews and comments poured in and most, if not all, seem to have made satisfied by the event, including us.

Not only enlivened by Local Syndicate, the music festival also brought International Syndicate from South Korea including: DPR Live, Bobby from iKON, Gray, and Simon Dominic.

That night at a time the field turned into a red ocean, thanks to KONbat which were brought by iKONics who came to see Bobby. The rapper of iKON started heating up the stage with “HOLUP!” and “Full House”.

Through next performances, “Tendae” and “Runaway”, Bobby showed his singing ability with his sweet husky vocal before he was back on fire with “Up”, “Go” and “YGGR”. As the winner of “Show Me The Money 3”, Bobby proved his ability with impressive performances and the fiery audience joined in singing while waving their light sticks.


Bobby had previously visited Indonesia 4 times to perform with other iKON members, but the night witnessed his first solo performance in Indonesia.  Not forgetting to greet iKON’s fans within the crowd, Bobby closed his performance with “HOLUP!”. 

Crush took the baton from Bobby and began to rule the stage with “Fanxy Child” and “Mommae”, Crush showed his rap skills through the song and succeeded in making the crowd hyped before calming the heat with “Cereal” and “Woo Ah”.


“Terima kasih. Aku cinta kamu. Aku cinta kamu semua. Terima kasih”. (Thank you. I love you. I love you all. Thank you.)

We also got the honor to see first “NAPPA” stage in Indonesia as the singer sang his latest song, which was released on August 28. Crush broke the loud screams and asked the attendees to be quiet before he serenaded with A Capella version of”Beautiful”, OST of hit drama Goblin which he brought to top of music charts.


Crush asked fans lay their head on his music as he brought another stage with “Lay Your Head on Me”. His time beautifully concluded with last 4 songs, “Hug Me, “Outside”, “Don’t Forget”, and “Oasis”, which he completed with a simple favor of not forgetting him till’ the next time he visits Indonesia.

Reported by: Mutia Drajat
Photos by: Stellar Events

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