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[FEATURE] Jam of the Week: Be K-Inspired

Time flies so fast. It’s already the 4th quarter of 2018. Do you still feel like you’ve never done a single thing to achieve your goals? Don’t worry. As we continue to journey the remaining months in this year, let’s hum into these KPOP songs that will truly inspire you to never lose hope and move on with your life.

1. Dream Girls – I.O.I

”Don’t let others make you quit. No. Remember you’re the star. Go. Don’t be afraid.”

I.O.I wants to tell you that people in life may stop you from chasing your dreams but that doesn’t mean you should stop and just follow what they say. You are the star of your life. You do not need to be in a hurry for there are plenty of time. As long as you move forward to that dream, everything will be worth it. Continue dreaming!

2. Shake it Up – Super Junior

”You go fast but don’t be afraid to go slow sometimes, nice and slow. You’re the owner of this world. You can change the world.”

Sometimes in life, we wanted everything to be as fat as it can be. And when things don’t go our way, we feel frustrated and just give up. But, no, every one of us has our own pace, our own timeline. Like what Super Junior want to say, you can go fast but don’t be afraid to go slow too. Move on your own pace and you will reach your goal on the right time.

3. Clap – Seventeen

”It’s alright, it’s alright, these things happen. Things get tangled up like earphones in your pocket.”

People usually stop reaching for their dreams once a single hindrance happen. They easily give up. But as Seventeen says in their song, ‘It’s alright, these things happen.’ It is normal to have some difficulties on your way to your dreams. It is wht makes the journey worthier. Just clap those negative thoughts away.

4. Power – EXO

”Throw away your fear, we can do it, it’s okay. All the keys are in your possession.”

Fear is the main reason why people no longer want to achieve their dreams and better just stay on living their everyday lives. But as EXO says, ‘Throw away your fear.’ That fear won’t bring anything to you. You won’t be able to achieve your dreams. It will only make you feel anxious. You hold the key and choose to use it to open a new door.

5. Happiness – Red Velvet

”The world is filled with happy things and great things. It’s been awhile since we stopped caring about money and power.”

Money and power had been the happiness of a lot of people. Yes, they can give you the physical things you need. But there are more things the world can offer aside from money and power. Having real friends doesn’t need money and power. Having a great family also doesn’t need money and power. Red Velvet wants you to know that you don’t need to focus on those material things. Happiness will always come from within. Once you have the contentment in your heart, the world will offer you better things.

So, if you’re feeling down and thinking you’re in the wrong way, pause for a bit and listen to your heart. Don’t forget to listen to these songs to give you more motivation to go on. Don’t worry. You’re doing well.

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