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MFBTY Coming Back in March (Featuring BTS’s Rap Monster)

All K-Hip-Hop fans can rejoice, because MFBTY (Yoon Mirae, Bizzy, Tiger JK) are coming back with a new album in this mid March! What's more, BTS's Rap Monster will be featuring in one of their tracks.

(photo from music director Lumpens‘s instagram)

It has almost been two years since MFBTY last delivered their full album, “The Cure”, in 2013. Although presently there is no further information on the upcoming album’s concept, it is reported that the group is already on the last steps of creating the album. Regarding the collaboration between MFBTY and RapMon, it seems that fans of both parties can be equally nervous and excited. A representative of MFBTY has told a media outlet that indeed, the group has been keeping an eye to Rap Monster, whom they call as a “talented junior”. The representative also stated that after the recording session started, Tiger JK was really surprised to see the younger rapper’s rapping skill.

Before he become the idol-rapper he is now, the BTS leader is known for his activity on Korea’s underground hip-hop scene. Thus, this has raised an anticipation. How will the collaboration between the three veteran rappers with the young idol-rapper be? Let’s find the answer soon in less than a month! 🙂

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