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BTS’ Rap Monster Talks About IKON’s Bobby Diss Track

If you remember about the ‘diss’ battle which happened last year, there’s a lyrics from Bobby’s ‘Come Here’ which said “They call me a monster, I never called myself that. If talent were looks, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass.” Even though there’s no further explanation, but fans speculated that this track is a diss towards BTS’ Rap Monster.

During 4th Gaon Kpop Chart Awards, Rap Monster speak up about this issue. “I always listen to new music. As a amous rappers worked on the song, so I knew about it. There was a rhyme in the song that made me think that referred to me, so I figured I should do somewhat a feedback.

On 2014 MAMA, Rap Monster did a collaboration stage with Zico and did a rap, “Put your guard up and follow me rapper tone deaf rapper.” He said it was not directing to specific rappers, but it’s just a light feedback.

Rap Monster then explained, “Rappers can express what they want to say through their raps. They know how to put what they feel and melted it into the lyrics. I just put my thoughts and feelings into the song. If it was diss, it would’ve been more direct and offensive. There was a jab my way, so I sent one back. If there was an uppercut, there might have been a problem, but it’s not like we have bad feelings to each other.

I think the culture itself is very interesting and good. I knew it’s not good to attack and belittle others and become a controversy, but I think it’s good that people take interest in hip hop and listen to music again through this phenomenon.

“We’re not going to grab each other’s throats and fight, there’re a lot of things that we gain from this things.  After giving the feedback, I had absolutely no regrets. I think I expressed myself well within the level which I can do.

Rap Monster also tell the story on 2014 MAMA, “On 2014 MAMA, BTS was going off stage while Bobby was getting on stage, so we met. He referred to the part I did and told me ‘I watch it well’. I told him that he did well, too, then we high-fived each other. But, we’re not that close actually (for doing the hi5), haha.

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