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SM Entertainment Released An Official Statement To Luhan’s Lawsuit

SM Entertainment finally released an official statement regarding Luhan’s lawsuit against them.

We just found out about Luhan’s decision from his law firm. Previously, we’ve discussed about his health issues and his will to focus on solo and Chinese promotion instead of EXO. We’re surprised to know and confused with this sudden contract termination.”

Just like Kris, we were not given any warning by Luhan before the lawsuit filled. This is a recurring pattern, (as Luhan also use Kris’ law firm in this case) where the artist join a group and promoting it, gaining fame and fans, but once they hit the top, they didn’t fulfill even half of the contract and filled the lawsuit to terminate their contract. They even gather the support and partner with foreign agency for backing plan after the withdrawal”

Regarding this situation, SM Entertainment plans to actively involved with our partners overseas, including China. EXO’s future activities will still continue as scheduled.”

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3 Comments on SM Entertainment Released An Official Statement To Luhan’s Lawsuit

  1. Why? Why is SM screwing with all its artistes?


  2. SO the rumour abt LuHan was right after all.. been hearing abt this since the past 2 months.. now i’m curious, was LuHan’s or Jessica’s issue that HeeChul mentioned when he left War of The Words, that he knows smthg that will happened and he dont want/not comfortable to talk abt it in the show.. sigh, happened once could be just badluck, twice could be coincidence, but 4x times? really something deff. wrong with how SM treated their artists.. heck even their popular idols like JTL ex HOT, SES, Shinhwa and FTTS chose to left SM n all also have issues with SM eventho they didnt have contract termination issue (except Shinhwa who even till now still in legal battle of their name bcoz of SM registered Shinhwa trademark name as theirs after Shinhwa left SM n later gave the TM right to other company).


  3. SM, it’s not just Chinese artists you’ve been screwing these past few years,…have you already forgot about JYP? and whatever it is…we fans are not stupid we saw photos of Luhan looking exhausted and pale(r) than usual…


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