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Super Junior Sungmin’s Blog Update with Kangin and Shindong

Super Junior Sungmin updates his blog with a selca of him and fellow Super Junior members Kangin and Shindong. Sungmin is infamous for being almost SNS illiterate and only updates few times a year on his Naver blog, usually when he is actively participating in a comeback or show. This update shows Sungmin, Kangin, and Shindong in a lamp-lighted car; Sungmin says:

“I live like this~


With Kangin hyung and Shindong-ie~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ah ah…

It would be good if the rain just pour heavily..

So that it would be cool..”

Previously on KBS Cool FM’s Super Junior Kiss The Radio, DJ and fellow member Ryeowook call Sungmin and asked, ” What are you doing these days, Sungmin hyung?”, he simply answered, “Hiding.” It seems like this post brings a little relief to his fans who suffer from their idol’s hiding skill ^^

Meanwhile Kangin, who is currently a cast of MBC’s A Celebrity Is Living At Our House, also uploads two pictures of him and Shindong on his Instagram showing a different angle of their togetherness.


Recently, Super Junior members keep mentioning “7th album”, making ELFs anticipate even more; are you ready for their comeback, Jjangers?

Please take out translation with full credits.

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