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EXO to Visit Hongkong, Manila, Singapore, Jakarta And Many More For Their Solo Concert

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At Press Conference that were held today before EXO The Lost Planet in Seoul Day 3, EXO revealed the cities they will visit as the next stops for their first concert.

Hongkong, Taipei, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Qingdao, Changsa, Singapore, Guangzhou, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Tokyo and other major cities in Asia are the next that will be attacked by alliens from this EXO planet. But the list still can be changed.

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Eventhough they are 11 members now, EXO promising fans they will giving only the best.

As the perfomances on the concert, it was revealed that some members prepared their own solo stage. Xiumin prepared a choreography for his solo, Lay also admitted he made a song by himself.

Also, to prevent anyone from hurting, EXO members asked fans to stop focusing on Kris’s incident and only looking forward for their performance. They also promising to not adding new member, and will reach as the 1st in Asia with only 11 members.

EXO fans, are you ready for observing The Lost Planet??


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3 Comments on EXO to Visit Hongkong, Manila, Singapore, Jakarta And Many More For Their Solo Concert



  2. Hi , I wanna know ‘ Manila is also has schedule for their Tour , but came suddenly cancelled ? i just heard by exo’s fans here in PH last 2 months , i think and some post in social sites , why ? base on your post ‘ it is sequence to their schedule .. they are actually following it. how sad that end of the year ‘ manila does not included to their tour. is there anything could possible that having TLP in MANILA ??… 😥


  3. Hi,do you know about the flight details about exo coming to singapore changi airport? I really hope to see them as I was not able to go to TLP concert… It was my dream to see them , hopeful you will be able to know the flight detail^^ thanks
    And which terminal they will be landing
    Thank you so much, please reply as soon as possible


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