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SM Blamed Insensitive By Tweeting About EXO.

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SM Entertainment via @SMTOWNGLOBAL tweeted about EXO entering Billboard some time this morning, but deleted the tweet after few minutes.

Fans speculated the tweet deleted because a lot of replies expressing their frustation of SM. Fans cursed and blamed SM for being insensitive to bringing any news of EXO. Some even said what they want right now isn’t a news like this, but the explanation from both sides regarding the shocking news of Kris leaving EXO.

Kris was reported to filed a lawsut against SM yesterday, asking to nullify his contract. SM already confirmed they had been notified about it, and still working to brings Kris back.

Regarding EXO concert which will be held in the end of May, SM stated to process it as planned, but Kris still uncorfimed to attend.

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1 Comment on SM Blamed Insensitive By Tweeting About EXO.

  1. ilangilang // May 16, 2014 at 4:34 PM // Reply

    they suck and it’s true


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