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SM Asked Kris To Return To EXO.


SM has confirmed the validity of the lawsuit filed against them and express their understanding of the situation, but continue to urge Kris to cooperate and return for EXO’s upcoming tour of Asia.

Belatedly, Kris were reported to submitted a lawsuit against SM. He asked to nullified his contract on SM, and rumoured to be the same case with what happened to Hangeng and JYJ.

But, both SM and Kris still not speaking to public about the case, beside admitting of the lawsuit were put on Seoul District Court. K-Media speculated this week is going to be a crucial moment for both sides, which decided the future of EXO.

2 Comments on SM Asked Kris To Return To EXO.

  1. Hmmmm, interesting. I do not care for EXO but this drama is quite entertaining to me because some of the fans irritate me and I wonder how the fans would deal with a situation like this. As a fan of DBSK and 2PM, going through stuff like this is nothing new and I wonder how it will be resolved. It reflects 2PM and Jay Park with this whole isolation and not speaking to the other party. Things are repeating I can say it now. Super Junior fans feel this is nothing new too.

    This OT11 vs. Kris fans just shows how it’s a repeat of the 2PM vs. Jay Park fans back in the day. I wonder how this will resolve though. The 3rd SM lawsuit and it’s bound to change the group’s future from now.


  2. BRB, crying forever. Kriiiiiiis T_T Don’t go!!


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