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Jeff Satur Live on Saturn in Jakarta 2023 Lifted the Positive and Warm Energy to Saturdayss: Forever Live on Saturdayss Heart

Saturday, 4 February 2023 will be the best day for both Jeff Satur and Saturdayss that (the name of Jeff Satur’s fans) will always be locked in their memories. Balai Sarbini became the eye for witnessing how warm and intimate the energy shared from both Jeff Satur and Saturdays throughout the concert as it was the very first time Jeff Satur held his solo concert in Indonesia.

Before the concert started, lots of Saturdayss gathered to give freebies to each other and as our eyes can see they wore their best outfit for this special day especially the casual wedding dress from one of Saturdayss made the concert felt more special. There’re also soundcheck sessions with Jeff Satur wore casual black clothes

The promoter, Lumina Entertainment, also support Jeff Satur Fanclub Ina for doing fan project by allowing them to put the hand banner in every section which the hand banner said ‘SATURDAYS ALWAYS BESIDE YOU THROUGHOUT THE JOURNEY’.

The concert started with eye pleasing opening videos that were in line with the theme concert ‘Live on Saturn’ and Jeff Satur appeared with his white suit and sang his popular song ‘Highway’. In total, Jeff sang 18 songs including his own songs and 7 cover songs. ‘Stranger’ stole Saturdayss heart with his deep-melodious voice performed while he sat in a chair. 

The audience was captivated with jeff sang indonesian pop song ‘1000 tahun lamanya’ by Tulus and the current phenomenon song ‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans with the little dancing made Saturdayss scream lovingly.

In the middle of the concert, Jeff said he will always remember Saturdayss face from where he stands on stage as he loves the venue because he could clearly see all of Saturdayss and he hopes that Satudayss also remember his face. Big screen showed a documentary of Jeff Satur from his life journey, his passion, his thoughts, his hopes for Saturdayss, and ended with Saturdayss warm hope for Jeff that made him shed tears. 

The most awaited session was ‘ASK JEFF’ that more likely confession from Saturdayss with all the love and rooting words for him. Some fans were teasing Jeff Satur by calling him “Bang Jeff” which means old brother in Bahasa. Jeff looked surprised yet so cute!

“Aku Cinta Kamu!” was repeatedly said by Jeff throughout the concert as well as marking that he was signing out that night. Not to be the last, since Jeff Satur promised will be back to Jakarta again!

Ps: we also had an exclusive interview with him, please stay tuned to our YouTube channel.

We would like to thank to Lumina Entertainment and Warner Music Indonesia for the invitation, looking forward more of these.

Reported by Salma Luthfia

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