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SEVENTEEN’s BE THE SUN World Tour, the Last Stop [Jakarta]

"It's raining because it's 비 (rain) THE SUN," Joshua mentioned.

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

SEVENTEEN ended their [BE THE SUN] world tour with a bang while performing in the rain on the outdoor stage of the Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium in Jakarta for their additional show and final show of the world tour. With rumors of an impending storm in the skies of the 28 Dec, the show must go on. Equipped with ponchos and foldable umbrellas, Carats (fans of SEVENTEEN) flocked their way towards the venue. 

Despite the pouring rain, the concert started out with an amazing introduction stage by the members of SEVENTEEN, with the exception of THE8, as he was absent due to his sickness. Fans screamed as they took the stage and started their first hit song, ‘HOT’ which definitely brought the temperature up and the crowd singing along, followed up by ‘MARCH’ and ‘HIT’

They then continued with a complete introduction of each of their members with a bonus of VERNON singing a snippet of his new song ‘Black Eye’ that was released less than a week prior to the concert. HOSHI and his ‘Horanghae’ agenda also played a large part in the loudness of the cheers during the introduction speeches. 

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

With a short break of the group changing outfits and a short clean up of the stages, as it was still raining, so the members wouldn’t slip and fall, they continued on their performance with ‘Rock with You’ that hyped up the mood and energized the crowd despite the rain. This was then continued by the song ‘TWO MINUS ONE’ which was sung by the English speaking members of the group JOSHUA and VERNON

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

The next segments of the concert were unit based and started with the Performance Team, consisting of HOSHI, JUN, THE8, and DINO. Despite missing one member, the Performance Team pulled off an amazing stage with the audience barely managing to notice the missing member. ‘MOONWALKER’ and ‘WAVE’ were performed to perfection as back-up dancers and props were brought up on stage creating a stunning performance. 

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

WOOZI, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, DK, and SEUNGKWAN are the members that make up the  Vocal Team and brought ‘Come to Me’ as part of their set. They then performed ‘Imperfect Love’  that brought Carats together through their sing-along and definitely brought goosebumps to those who were watching the show. Their sincerity and the togetherness of Carats while singing to ‘Imperfect Love’ can be seen as the crowd came together as one. 

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

The Hip-Hop Team is also something that should definitely not be forgotten with S.COUPS, WONWOO, MINGYU, and VERNON claiming the stage as they jump around with energy more than anyone would ever imagined having while still performing and delivering an amazing performance starting with ‘GAM3 BO1’ and ‘Back It Up’. The unit stages then concluded with a performance from the Leader Unit, bringing back S.COUPS, HOSHI, and WOOZI on stage and having Carats singing along to ‘CHEERS’

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

Title tracks from multiple albums were then performed by the entire group while doing a short skit as the opening of the segment with VERNON singing a snippet of ‘Black Eye’ once again because we really can’t get enough of it! Starting with ‘MANSAE’, with Carats waving their lightsticks to the tempo of the song and the members playing around with asking Carats to wave it faster and slower in the middle of the song. ‘LEFT & RIGHT’ was sung with a lot of ad-libs and interactions with the audience, followed up by ‘VERY NICE’ which is definitely a crowd favorite as the fans sing along to the song. 

The members left the stage for a short outfit change once again and went on stage to the introduction of ‘Shadow’ while having half the members in white outfits and the other half in black, implicating a literal shadow. SEVENTEEN then continued with ‘Crush’ as the skies cleared up for a little bit. 

It was finally time for SEVENTEEN to end the night. They started out talking how the rain definitely helped create memories as they close their final stop of the tour and that they will come back to Indonesia next time with THE8 while wishing him a speedy recovery. They then proceeded to sing snippets of songs that they were not able to perform on stage which included ‘Ready to Love’, ‘CLAP’, and ‘HOME’. And since it was two days before JOSHUA’s birthday, Carats then sang him a ‘Happy Birthday’ which then prompted him to introduce the final songs of the entire tour, ‘_WORLD’ and ‘Darling’. 

Photo by Pledis Entertainment / Supplied

Without the members knowing, Carats prepared a fan project, thanking SEVENTEEN for coming to Indonesia once again, and how they will always be supporting them. The members then continued with singing ‘Our Dawn is Hotter than the Day’ after thanking everyone involved in the tour, staff members, and Carats especially for playing a large part in the world tour, which was then followed by a group photo with the audience. 

As per other shows during the tour, ‘Snap Shoot’ was danced in a follow the leader structure as SEUNGKWAN, DINO, and JEONGHAN, who was requested by the fans to be a part of the dance, created mini choreography for the rest of the SEVENTEEN members to follow along. After the song comes to an end, they teased Carats saying that they’ll finish their performance there but ‘VERY NICE’ then started playing signifying the start of the neverending but welcomed loop of the song before saying their goodbyes. Two lucky fans were invited to sing a line to the song during the first 7 repetitions of the song. Every time the song is about to end and the members start heading backstage, they go out once again, singing to ‘VERY NICE’, definitely a ‘push and pull’ trick with the fans. When the eighth repetition was sung, they did their concluding remarks and walked backstage, only to come back and sing the song two more times before finally heading backstage. 

The show was definitely one for the books and will forever be remembered by both the members and audience alike as the final stop of the [BE THE SUN WORLD TOUR] with an outdoor venue while in the pouring rain. It was a great and amazing experience seeing SEVENTEEN performing live. Thank you HYBE Labels and MECIMAPRO for bringing an amazing show to our lives. We will definitely be looking forward to the next SEVENTEEN show in Jakarta! 

All photos were supplied by Pledis Entertainment.

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