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DPR Come Back Stronger with “The Regime World Tour” in Jakarta

Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) finally came back to Jakarta for their Regime Tour 2022 in Tennis Indoor Senayan last Tuesday (12/6). After their last concert in Jakarta in 2018, they can finally greet their Indonesian fans again. It’s been a long time! 

They really came back stronger this time and show their amazing performances that left fans in awe. DPR is a group that is already known for its artistic performances, they successfully stun the fans, and loud cheers can be heard all over the arena. They really create unforgettable memories for fans that already missed them for the past 4 years. The longing has been cured, kudos to all DPR crews!

The opening act from DPR Cream already increases the tension and lets fans start dancing along. After that, DPR Live take over and raised the energy level even higher with his song “Legacy”, “Neon” and keep bringing all his hit songs such as “Jasmine”, “Jam and Butterfly”, “Text Me” and “Martini Blue”. 

They won’t let the fans breathe and continue bringing their amazing performance with Christian Yu as the next performer. DPR Ian now takes over the stage with the black huge wings as his opening act and sings all his hits song such as “So Beautiful”, “Mood”, “Dope Lovers” “Scaredy Cat”, “Nerves” and of course his latest song that shouldn’t be missed “Ballroom Extravaganza”.

It really shows that they’re really having fun at last night’s concert, DPR Live said “thank you so much, I am so grateful to be back here” on his ment. Fans keep chanting his real name “Hong Da Bin” which lights up his mood even higher. DPR Ian also said that it is his first time performing in Jakarta concert and he is so thankful for the loud cheer from fans. 

Before the encore, DPR Live and Ian sang their all-time hit “No Blueberries” to let the fans jump along with the song. The fans seem like will never get enough of the concert, they keep chanting “DPR We Gang Gang” to call the DPR team back to the stage, and of course, they’re all back on the stage full team!

Didn’t come empty-handed, DPR team also brought the rainbow color confetti that was thrown to the audience, the same color concept for this Regime Tour 2022. And finally, the concert really comes to an end. DPR Ian and DPR Live got our Indonesian flag and it was raised on the stage. They’re all trying to greet fans from all sides to wave goodbye. This won’t be the last time, and they promise to be back here again soon. Until we meet again~

Reported by: Raras
Photos by: CK Star

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