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DPR Brought Their Stage to Next Level at “The Regime World Tour” in Jakarta

The concert just ended last night and we can’t move on, just yet!

After successfully impressing fans with their performances, seems like we need to talk more about their detailed props, theatrical performances, and all elements that make it even more perfect. 

For the opening performance, we have DPR Live bringing his astronaut concept. While fans are singing and dancing along to the songs, fans were all surprised by the huge astronaut balloons at the back of the stage. And the huge hand balloons also appear on DPR Ian’s stage and took him away to change his clothes. That was a smooth transition!

Not only surprise fans with the huge balloons, but they also came in prepared with all props such as huge wings at DPR Ian’s opening stage, snowy effects, creepy hands during “Scaredy Cat” performances, and also bubbles during “No Blueberries” stage. 

The amazing theatrical artistic performance wouldn’t be complete without their amazing lighting that makes it look perfect. Even each shot on the stage’s side screen looks beautiful from every angle, it shows their silhouette and shadows with the green, blue, or even red light adjusting to the song they bring on the stage. They really are a pro!

Indonesian fans are so happy to witness those amazing performances from DPR Crews and of course, we would like to be back again if they come here next time. Kudos to all DPR Team!

See you again!

Reported by: Raras
Photos by: CK Star

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