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[PRESS CONFERENCE] Shooting Star Asia Tour 2022 in Jakarta

Four Thai actors, Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat, and Nani Hirunkit finally greeted their fans in Indonesia through the first Asia Fan Meeting Tour, on October 15th at The Kasablanka Hall Jakarta!

This fan meeting was their first visit to Indonesia, as well as the first country they visited for the Shooting Star Asia Tour Fan Meeting tour series. Check out the details of the Q&A during the press conference below. Let’s start!

Q: How do you feel about your success so that you can hold a fan meeting in Jakarta? 

Bright: I’m very happy to come here because, thanks to this success, we were able to hold fan meetings in several Asian countries. 

Win: I’m very happy to have such a great welcome thanks to this success, and Indonesia is the first country we visited, so I’m really excited about today’s event. 

Nani: I’m excited about tonight’s event, especially since we got a great response from countries in Asia so that we can meet face-to-face with our series fans. 

Dew: I’m  very happy with the response. I always read the comments In every episode. 

Q: This is your first time in Indonesia. How did it feel to visit Indonesia for the first time? Is there a place you’d like to visit or a food you’d like to try?

Nani: I was excited because this was my first time going to Indonesia. For the place I want to visit, actually I have been searching on the internet, there is one place I want to visit like the sea but I forgot the name. If I have more time, I will visit there.

Dew: It’s thrilling because today I will be performing at this event. The thing that impressed me the most from Indonesia was that once the fans club sent me instant noodles and I tried all the flavors. Indonesian noodles soo delicious.

Win: Tonight I’m very nervous, the tourist place I want to visit the most is Bali but I can’t visit because time is very limited. if i have more time maybe i will go there.

Bright: This is the first country we visited for the asia tour Shooting Star. The place I want to visit is the same as Win, Bali. For food I like instant noodles just like Dew.

Q: Are there any special performances or surprises for fans tonight?

Nani: Tonight’s show is special and I hope the viewers all enjoy it.

Dew: The one I’m most waiting for tonight is a combined performance and there’s also a little game on the show.

Win: The surprise for today is all the songs that were sung tonight will be a live performance.

Bright: I hope everyone enjoys our performance and special for today, I hope we’re not the only ones who give a surprise. But the audience also gave us a surprise.

Q: Fans in Indonesia are fans who are quite active on social media. How do you feel about the comments and support?

Dew: I always follow all comments especially when someone creates a fan account with my name. I also often translate some Indonesian fan posts.

Nani: I always read funny comments and messages from fans, I’m happy with that.

Win: I am grateful for the support from Indonesian fans. Every time I post they are always the fastest to comment. 

Bright: Indonesian fans are very cute, I have personal experience, I met Indonesian fans in Bangkok, they told me to come visit Indonesia, and I am very grateful for their support.

Q: Please give a closing message for today’s press conference! 

Bright: For tonight’s show, we want to make you all have fun and hope you all enjoy our performance tonight, especially for the matter of Bali. I will definitely come visit. 

Nani: May we have happy moments together tonight and today’s experience will be kept forever. 

Win: It’s been a long wait for us, and tonight is the time to enjoy our performance. Of course, if I have time, I will return to Indonesia. 

Dew: May our arrival today be a happy memory, and we will make memories together tonight.

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati

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