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iKON Reunited with Indonesian iKONICs through JISPHORIA

After three years, iKON finally returned to greet iKONICS Indonesia through their exciting performance at JISPHORIA last October 1st. This is the first time iKONICS Indonesia meet iKON since their last performance in 2019.

This became the hottest iKON comeback stage with their energetic performance and amazing vocals. iKONICS also gave their the loudest cheering to iKON and red lightsticks from ikonbat were spread all over Jakarta International Stadium. 

Save the best for the last, and yes it was all worth it! iKON start to heat up audience with their all time hits, Sinosijak and let the fans scream and dance with their song. They also perform few of their hit song such as Rythm Ta, Love Scenario, Bout You, Dragon, and closing the performance with encore song, Freedom. 

Seems like iKONICS was not in a one sided love, iKON also express their love and gratitude to all Indonesian iKONICS with Indonesian language. They often said “Aku cinta kamu” and “apa kabar?” to greet Indonesian fans. They also said “Kalian gokil” to express their joyment to Indonesian iKONICS.

iKON succeed to create a memorable performance at JISPHORIA and iKONICS can never get enough of it. Hopefully next time iKON will comeback to Jakarta and create their solo concert here. iKONICS will wait here for you iKON, see you again next time!

Reported by: Raras

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