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The New Era of SEVENTEEN: The Spectacular World-Class Performances at “SEVENTEEN’s WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – JAKARTA’’

We were really glad to welcome SEVENTEEN back to Indonesia after their last offline concert ‘ODE TO YOU’ in Jakarta last November 2019. This time, they visit Indonesia again with their world tour ‘SEVENTEEN’s WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – JAKARTA’. After successfully finishing the North America tour in 12 cities with 12 shows, Jakarta opened their Asian tour. The group affirmed their enormous popularity by making the show 2 days in a row on 24 – 25 September 2022 at ICE BSD City for the first time in Indonesia. 

The very loudest cheering arose along with 13 members appeared on stage at the day 2 concert, September, 25. The red lighting synced with the red light on CARATbong (the name of SEVENTEEN’s lightstick) making the atmosphere got tenser at the opening song “HOT”, a lead single from their 4th studio album Face the Sun. A stage set that visualizes the Sun – a key motif that represents SEVENTEEN’s aspiration to reach new heights, a 3-tiered LED screen, and diverse transitions in the set arrangement have been incorporated into the show to fully capture the level of energy to be unleashed after the long wait. We are proud to see the growth of SEVENTEEN after the last meeting almost 3 years ago and how they amazed us with the level-up stage structure, the props, and the lighting works. The group known for mastering the stage performance with world-class synchronization, jaw-dropping choreography, and tight teamwork combined with an excellent stage presence, we could say last night’s concert was the new era of SEVENTEEN! The boys continue to elevate the hot atmosphere with “MARCH” and “HIT”. 

The powerful cheering, singing along and fan chants are echoed throughout the songs. In response to that, DK said, “The voices are amazing, I am so touched.” The members also said they can hear the cheering even with the earphones they used. The group continues to rock the stage with “Rock With You” and the early 2000s style of pop-punk “2 Minus 1” by ‘America line’ Joshua and Vernon. The two seem to enjoy their performance along with CARATs singing the lyrics.

Now, it’s time to show the different charms from the three units! The first unit, Performance Team served an artsy performance on “Moon Walker” and “Wave”. In baby blue with the glittery outfit, they impressed us with the detailed moves and dazzling performances that we can’t take our eyes off the stage. The next is the only sub-unit with 5 members, Vocal Team. The five different types of vocals beautifully harmonize along with the fans’ singing in “Come To Me”. The members who look elegant in dark blue also let CARATs take a part to sing the song in the middle of “Imperfect Love”. The last unit, Hip-Hop Team performed GAM3 BO1” and “Back it up”. In all black hip styles, the unit poured out their coolness yet heated the atmosphere with their aggressive rap.

The show becomes even more special as they bring back their hit song “Mansae” to the stage after a long time. During the song, the members leading the Caratbong’s moves like the original choreography and CARATs did very well. Later, the member complimented how good CARATs are and did the lightstick moves again multiple times. In the next song “Left & Right” and “Very Nice”, we felt nothing but thrilling full of having fun along with SEVENTEEN and CARATs. 

Throughout the show, SEVENTEEN continuously mentioned they wish for having a bigger stage next time they visit Jakarta which was responded with fans’ great enthusiasm. CARATs’ hot passion at the concert from start to the end amazes the members. Joshua said they got the energy from the fans instead and thanked the fans for the good memories. 

As the 3 hours concert ended, SEVENTEEN successfully completed the 2 days concert in Jakarta. We wish the good start in Jakarta for the asia tour will continue in other stops. Just like the maknae, Dino, said “Whenever you want, we will come here again,” we also will give the warmest welcome whenever they come back here, to Indonesia.

We thank Mecima Pro and HYBE for inviting us to witness the spectacular world-class performance from SEVENTEEN!


  1. HOT
  2. March
  3. HIT
  4. Rock with you
  5. 2 MINUS 1
  6. MOONWALKER (Performance Unit)
  7. Wave (Performance Unit)
  8. Come To Me (Vocal Unit)
  9. Imperfect love (Vocal Unit)
  10. GAM3 BO1 (Hip-Hop Unit)
  11. Back it up (Hip-Hop Unit)
  12. Mansae
  13. Left & Right
  14. Very Nice
  15. Shadow
  16. Crush
  17. _WORLD
  18. Darl+ing
  19. Our Dawn is Hotter Than Day
  20. Snap Shoot
  21. Very Nice

Reporter: Mutia Drajat

Photo credit: PLEDIS Entertainment

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