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Super Junior – E.L.F.: Grow Up Together and Promise to Come More Often

Super Junior made their first comeback in Indonesia for a concert tour after 2 years of the pandemic with ‘SUPER SHOW – SUPER JUNIOR 9: ROAD in JAKARTA’. The fans, E.L.F., were so excited to meet the idols and greet them as they were *‘mudik’ to Indonesia.

On the concert day, the crowd filled ICE BSD City in the morning because the show started at 2 PM. Among the fans, we spotted some of them coming and attending the concert with their loved ones and families. We see that the strong friendship over the years between the group and fans are that strong as they bring their closest one to enjoy and cherish the show together.

Super Junior greet Indonesian E.L.F. with their local names and show off Bahasa Indonesia skills to the fans. However, the eternal maknae and main vocal of the group, Ryeowok took on another level when he greet fans with an Indonesian song that he covered on his YouTube “Terlanjur Mencinta”, an original song by Tiara Andini. Later, he also fluently sang another cover “Hati yang Kau Sakiti”, a popular song from Indonesian Diva, Rossa. Seeing how good his member sang Indonesian songs, Leeteuk suggested him to release an Indonesian album that made the fans automatically scream and agree with the leader.

Siwon who often addresses himself as ‘Mas Agung’ also work hard as the Brand Ambassador of local noodle and seasoning product at the show by keep saying the jargon of the ads that invite laughter from the fans. Other members also continuously showed their support for Siwon’s hard work. Eunhyuk said later when he come back to Indonesia, he gonna try the noodle that Siwon advertised.

Mentioning one of the performances, “SPY” in musical concept, they said the group probably will perform the original version of the song at Super Show 15 when they turn the 40s. But then jokingly said they are already close to reaching the age.

Expressing the longing, the artists’ spectacular performance synced to the fans’ high-tension energy. The fans’ screams and loud singing throughout the concert amaze the leader so he asked them, “Indonesian E.L.F.’s screams did not fade at all. What do you guys drink to make your voice loud like that?”

With the excitement met the fans, the members also shared some good news. Yesung revealed his solo album is on finishing so he asked fans to wait for it. The fans were full of excitement hearing the news in person from the artist.

The good news keeps coming and the fans must be delighted as the members confidently said they will come more often to Indonesia after the concert ended.

Shindong: “I promise to come here (Indonesia) more often. It could be for a concert, but this time for other matters. Yesterday when I saw Jakarta, it made me want to take a walk here.”  Eunhyuk and Donghae also share the same thing and said they had the feeling they will come again to Indonesia soon. As that wasn’t enough, the leader added to the fans’ excitement by saying while the member said they will come again to Indonesia, he also will come to Indonesia sooner.

The 3.5 hours to cure the longing with an amazing performance along with the fun chit-chat and full laughter, is really coming to an end.  Kyuhyun expressed that he felt very tired because he gave his best for the concert. The maknae also revealed he was worried the fans at the back might not be able to see them clearly on stage. So in the future, he said they will try to get closer to the fans.

Super Junior has been many people’s first love and being the reason to dive deep into Korean Entertainment and culture. As time passes by, both the artists and fans grow up together. Just like the name of ‘Ever Lasting Friends’ we wish the idols and fans to keep the long-lasting friendship.

Until we meet again, Super Junior!

*Mudik is a term commonly used when workers return to their hometown as an annual tradition to celebrate a national holiday.

Photo credit: Naver

Reported by: Mutia Drajat

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