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A Passionate Welcome for (G)I-DLE from Neverland in Indonesia

The Kasablanka Hall (27/8) was lighted by chic violet and neon red color which is none other than from Neverland’s lightstick, who were waiting for (G)I-IDLE on “2022 (G)I-IDLE WORLD TOUR [JUST ME ( )I-DLE IN JAKARTA”.

As soon as the concert started, the loud cheering and screaming along the lyrics echoed over the hall. After performing three songs, the members revealed they were surprised by Indonesian Neverlands’ passionate energy. By this, the fans also got a compliment from Yuqi, “The screams are amazing! I’ve never heard it before.”

Debuted in 2018, the group has already held an online concert in 2020 with “I-Land: Who Am I Tour”, so this is their first offline concert. Just like the fans, the members also expressed their excitement at their first concert in Jakarta.

Photo credit: Mecimapro

Performing 21 songs was not enough for (G)I-DLE to spoil fans with their songs. The fans might be delighted as the members asked them what song they want to hear that is not on the setlist. Then, the vocal line stood up at the front and sang a bit of their solo songs for the first time. Started from Miyeon with ‘Drive’, followed by Minnie with ‘Dahlia’, and ended with ‘Giant’ by Yuqi. They sang the song in their own style smoothly even without music.

Marking their first concert in Jakarta, they expressed what they feel in one word in Bahasa Indonesia.

Soyeon: Cinta (Love)

Minnie: Keren (Cool)

Miyeon: Senang (Happy)

Yuqi: Mantul (Awesome)

Shuhua: Hebat (Fabulous)

The members also shared the most unforgettable moments during the concert. Miyeon revealed the moment when they performed ‘LION’ and everyone sang along with them was a very fun moment. Meanwhile, Minnie chose the time when everyone dances with them during “MY BAG”. 

Photo credit: Mecimapro

Neverland in Indonesia was lucky for being able to celebrate Soyeon’s birthday together with the members through the concert. When Soyeon came first to the stage for ‘I AM THE TREND’, suddenly the song was stopped and the member surprised her by singing a birthday song and bringing her a cake. Later, Soyeon said that night was the happiest birthday in her life. She thanked fans even when they arrived at the airport, the fans sang her a birthday song.

The 2 hours concert and fun chit-chat passed, the maknae Shuhua thanked the fans because of their amazing energy.

Congratulations on the first offline world tour! As Miyeon said, we also won’t forget this moment.  Good luck with the rest of world tour, girls!

Reported by: Mutia Drajat

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