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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Get to Know More About The ‘Royal Secret Agent’ of Thousand Charms, Lee Yi Kyung

Following our interview with Sung Yi Gyeom, Kim Myungsoo, last week and got to hear his favorites from the recently wrapped up drama, Royal Secret Agent, this time it’s our chance to meet his shining side-kick, Park Chun Sam. Rising actor with thousand charms, Lee Yi Kyung, successfully made the character sparkle in his own way, thanks to his stunning performance.

Known for his various faces from his funny personas to more serious roles through his previous acting projects, Lee Yi Kyung shared to us how he think of this and how he handle fans’ expectation. Let’s meet him now!

What is the reason you were interested with Royal Secret Agent?

The first time I received the script, I felt so happy going through every page. I felt excited imagining myself acting as Chun Sam, the royal secret agent. The passion within the script could be felt because of its perfect message that support the goods and punish the evils.

Which part of the series is the most interesting one for you?

The charm of Royal Secret Agent is how it is a complete package of romance, detective story, comedy, and freshness of the characters who are trying hard to solve cases. For me, the actors’ performance is essential in making the drama more interesting.

What do you think the strength of your character here compare to modern drama?

For an actor, chance to act in historical drama is something that is appealing and an honor. On the other side, I could play someone from the past where my ancestors lived and when I hadn’t even born yet. Everything from the way they talk, walk, dress, are new for me, but I personally think that acting can start well even from the moment we wear the costumes.

What is your favorite scene and why?

It’s hard to choose my favorite scene as the chemistry between the three (Kim Myungsoo, Kwon Nara & Lee Yi Kyung) of us were getting better each day. Whenever we got into our role, we make the script alive and did our best with adlibs to make the scene even more entertaining. All scenes that show our chemistry are likable.

You play the role of a loyal servant in the drama, what did you find difficult while playing the character?

It wasn’t easy to act while feeling cold wearing only the straw shoes, so I ended up having bigger feet to stay warm. I was worried that viewers would feel uncomfortable seeing my big feet.

You are known for both your serious and funny characters. Which one do you prefer and why?

There always been contradicting desires. For me, whenever I act funny, I miss to be serious and otherwise. But on the other side, I think widening my acting spectrum without having any biased toward one or the other is a better mindset.

Viewers are anticipating the bromance between you and Kim Myungsoo. What do you think of your experience working with him?   

The more I act with Kim Myungsoo, the more he surprised me. He is not only a hardworking person, but he is also an actor who can make his partner feel comfortable. He is attentive and a great actor who finishes his scenes while being fully immersed with his role.

What is the reason you chose to be an actor? Is there anyone who inspired you?

I didn’t watch a lot of TV series nor movies while growing up, but then I stumbled upon drama titled Iris while serving in the army and had a lot of fun. After that, I grew curious and thought will it be fun to try acting? Entering Seoul Institute of the Arts, I learned more about acting through joining theaters, but even now I’m still learning. My fellow actors always give me inspiration.

What do you think are the most difficult and the most satisfying points of working as an actor?

I think the most satisfying one is whenever viewers react positively to your work, but it’s not easy to feel 100% satisfied while looking at your own acting. It’s hard to be perfect from head-to-toe while also continuously monitoring yourself and that’s why I always want to better in the next scene.

Have you ever felt empty while acting? What is your motivation to keep striving?

I don’t think I ever felt empty while working in this field. Trying to be positive every day and getting my body to get used to working hard in everything are what motivate me to keep working. In my opinion, your eager to try your best will beat any wish to slacking.

On the contrary of your character in the drama, what are the traits do you want your servant to have if you were a master?

I think loyalty is the most important one. It’s hard to have a strong bond without any loyalty.

How did you prepare yourself to act your role in Royal Secret Agent?

Based on what the director said, I have to add 10kgs to my weight, have to walk like a know-it-all, and talk mischievously. I changed my way of speaking and acting to show Chun Sam’s charm who is cute, but disliked by many.

What are your hopes for Royal Secret Agent in terms of global recognition?

Even though this is a historical drama, I hope global fans can love it as a series that can make them laugh and cry.

Please leave message to international fans of K-Dramas!

Hi, I’m Lee Yi Kyung. Thank you for loving Park Chun Sam in our drama, as well as for loving me. I will work hard to always showing my best performance as an actor. Keep watching us on iQIYI and hopefully you can finish it well. I love you.

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