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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Kim Myungsoo Shares His Favorites From ‘Royal Secret Agent’

As we finally wrapped up our journey with Royal Secret Agent squad this week, with the help of iQIYI international, Korean Updates got to look more behind the drama through exclusive interview session with the leads. Our first star is Sung Yi Gyeom himself, Kim Myungsoo, who has also been known as L from group INFINITE.

Before we go through the questions and answers with Kim Myungsoo, for those of you who haven’t been familiar with Royal Secret Agent, shall we introduce them first? Royal Secret Agent is historical comedy drama that is set towards the end of Joseon era. The story follows Sung Yi Gyeom, Hong Da In (Kwon Nara), and Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung) on their life as royal inspectors.

So now, let’s meet Kim Myungsoo!

What’s the reason you were interested with the script and character of Royal Secret Agent? Which part of the drama that you find the most interesting?   

It’s really fun to imagine wiping off the corruption within the society and the birth of male, female heroes who are known since we’re young. The secret agents are blunt, the story is meaningful, and the fun royal background story all have their own charm

What is the most challenging or unique episode while filming Royal Secret Agent?

Various action scenes and parts where Sung Yi Gyeom act in disguise in the drama were all captivating and challenging.

What do you think about your chemistry with Kwon Nara? What is Kwon Nara’s charm in your opinion? 

We got close through the drama and have a great chemistry. She has warm personality and a cheerful person.

Can you share to us some episodes that happened while filming with Lee Yi Kyung, especially the bromance scenes? The drama also has funny scenes, did you often laugh out loud while filming it? 

While acting, he (Lee Yi Kyung) frequently did improvisations and it brought a lot of fun for me as well as the staffs on set. Thanks to Chun Sam’s (Lee Yi Kyung) adlibs, I could act spontaneously and naturally.

What did you like the most while working with your co-stars? 

We have an amazing chemistry and got closer to each other a lot. We know each other well, so we laughed a lot once NG (No Good) happened. It was mostly just us, Da In (Kwon Nara), Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung), and Yi Gyeom, and they are really good people.

What is your favorite scene and why?

When you are facing death, there is no difference between royals and poor people. Why does a great governor’s son have to hate generous people and believe that their deaths are not worthed? There is no reason behind that. That part hits me hard.

Can you tell us the charm of Royal Secret Agent without giving any spoiler?

The story is just like the Joseon version of movie Kingsman, Royal Secret Agent gives you the pleasure of abolishing the bad guys and saving the ones in need.

What are your hopes for Royal Secret Agent in terms of global recognition?

The world is going on hard times because of COVID-19, so my hope is that Royal Secret Agent can be a refreshing and fun watch for all viewers. I think that only is already an astounding achievement.

Royal Secret Agent is a historical comedy drama. Did you ever do adlib when acting? Was the dance scene on 1st ep an adlib?

Yes, it was an adlib. Aside of that one, there was a lot of scenes that wasn’t a part of the drama script. Hopefully, I can compare them to the actual script one day.

What is Sung Yi Gyeom’s charm?

He is an easy-going and supple person normally, but turns into all serious mode while investigating a case. His character development is also very fascinating.

Viewers are awed by Sung Yi Gyeom’s body on your bathing scene in the river. Did you go through special training or diet before filming the scene?

I did heavy workouts for around 4-5 months and train myself twice a week for six hours, while also taking care of my diet.

Were you satisfied dressing up as a woman? Which part of you is the prettiest when dressing up as a woman?

Not only satisfied, but I think I look pretty with half up hairdo.

Do you have any plan or wish for the new year?

I hope you can be entertained by Royal Secret Agent this year and also have a warm and happy year ahead.

Finally, please send New Year’s greeting to your fans.

Hello everyone, I’m Kim Myungsoo. Please watch comedy drama full of actions, Royal Secret Agent, on iQIYI a lot. Be strong while going through this pandemic. I wish the situation gets better soon and we can meet you all directly. Hopefully, Royal Secret Agent can bring a lot of laughs to all of you. I miss you all so much. Stay healthy and happy!

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