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[JJANG MUSIC!] Lot’s Of ‘Featuring’ Line Up for This Week’s New Release

Lim Ji Soo coverLim Ji Soo – Fashion

The powerful vocalist and the winner of “Vocal Play: Campus Music Olympiad”, Lim Ji Soo joins a soundtrack of “Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon” (starring Eric).

Listen to “Fashion” here.


Baechigi Cover

Baechigi- Bye, Guitar (feat. Onestar)

Moowoong and Tak, aka veteran K-Hiphop duo Baechigi shows off the new single with K-Ballad vocalist Onestar.

Listen to “Bye, Guitar” (ft. Onestar) here.



Xydo Cover

Xydo – Mint Chocolate (feat. RAVI)

The uprising urban rapper/vocalist Xydo release a new song featuring RAVI of VIXX.

Listen to “Mint Chocolate” (ft. RAVI) here.


Sumsher Cover

Sumsher – When The Lonely Night Is Coming
(feat. kenessi)

One of the prolific producers Sumsher teamed up with kenessi for a new single.

Listen to “When The Lonely Night Is Coming” (ft. Kenessi) here.

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