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An Intimate Monday Night With Eric Nam

Shout out to Nam Nation in Jakarta!!! Eric Nam successfully held his Before We Begin Asia Tour in Jakarta. Say goodbye to the ‘I hate Monday!’, Eric heats up the night with his ballads and R&B songs for 2.5 hours. From singing along together with Good to You, This is Not A Love Song, Hold Me, to dancing together for Don’t Call Me, You’re Sexy I’m Sexy, Potion, Eric brought the crowds to an intimate memorable night for Indonesian Nam Nation. 

Not only performing, but the multi-talented artist was also able to make the audience feel a relatable back and forth communication during the concert. For example when Eric asked the audience to sing a Happy Birthday (and Wedding Anniversary) song to people who have exact date birthday in that night, or when he took a fan-made shirt that written “Mas Eric Nam” (Eric Nam Oppa), or when he took a fan-made banner and let the audience to take pictures of him, or when he did a cute wink when he explain the meaning of How’m I Doin, he even do many sexy poses as requested by Nam Nation after he sang You’re Sexy I’m Sexy! And so many other memorable moments. The night will be unforgettable for Indonesian Nam Nation, for sure. 

Nam Nation also prepared a fan-project by raising up banners with “Please Don’t Let Our Love Die Young” written on it during Love Die Young and by turning on their flashlights during Good For You. The concert ended at around 21.00, but the crowd asked for an encore, then around 10 minutes later, Eric came back with Honestly and Can’t Help Myself. When the concert finally ended, he jokingly said that the audience needed to go home because they need to go to school or work in the morning 😀

Overall, it was one of the most memorable and enjoyable intimate concerts! Thank you Eric Nam, and thank you EN Management, Onion Production for inviting us!

Reported by: Hanisa Pratiwi
Photos: Vanessa F

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