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A Week After: Super Kpop Festival Indonesia 2019 Day 2

The excitement of the Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019 still continued on 29 September 2019 in ICE, BSD. Presenting the best Korean artists, Super K-Pop Festival as the biggest K-pop festival this year is awaited by Kpop fans in Indonesia. 

A First Visit and Sweet Surprise for fromis_9


On day 2 which began at 6:30 pm, fromis_9 was featured as the opening act of the festival. The girl group who formed by Idol School (survival program), looke beautiful and adorable in a black polka-dot patterned dress. Being their first time for visiting Indonesia, fromis_9 greeted fans with “FUN!” which was followed by “Love Rumpumpum” and “DKDK”.

Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung, Jiheon moved to the front stage to greet fans more closely and returned to perform with “Glass Shoes” and “Love Bomb”. 

The appearance of fromis_9 seemed to be even more special because one of the members, Song Hayoung was having her birthday. The fans sang birthday song in sync, which made Hayoung touched. “Terimakasih (Thankyou)”, said the idol who was born on September 29, 1997.

Energetic Performance from Talented Boys, The Boyz!


After 3 months since their fan-con in Jakarta last June, The Boyz returned to Jakarta and greeted The B (name of their fans) by joining Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019 line-up. 

The Boyz opened their stage “D.D.D”, “Text Me Back” dan “Keeper”. This opportunity was also used by The Boyz to get closer to the fans by going around the stage with “Giddy Up”. 

After performed 4 songs, The Boyz said they feel the extraordinary energy from fans. “Mantul!”, praise the members to Indonesian The B.

The Boyz continued with “Bloom Bloom” accompanied by loud fanchants from fans. Before closing their performance, The Boyz said “Kami cinta kalian (we love you)” to fans. “No Air” marked as the end of the energetic performance from 11 members of The Boyz on the Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019 stage.

A Time Worth to Dance With Momoland


Enthusiastic screams echoed the venue when Momoland appeared with their hit song “Bboom Bboom”, a song that has been booming since early 2018. Choosing “Bboom Bboom” as the opening for Momoland’s performance was the best choice, because fans enthusiastically joined in singing, chanting, as well as dancing along to the song with the iconic dance. Even though they performed with only 6 members, they successfully enliven the stage.

After performing one song, JooE expressed her happiness to meet with fans and thanked them for singing along.

Moving towards to front stage, the performance continued with their debut song, “Jjan! Koong! Kwang!”. Momoland also showed their cute side through “Freeze” and “Wonderful Love”.

Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, Jooe, Ahin, and Nancy went back to main stage and heated the stage again with “BAAM”, before closing their performance with energetic dance and music that made anyone who listened wanted to move their bodies through “I’m so Hot”.

The Long-Awaited Lee Hi, Who Hypnotized Everyone by Her Golden Voice


Another long-awaited line-up artist, Lee Hi, who returned to Indonesia after 2 years. Lee Hi’s presence seems to be very awaited, because before appearing, her name continued to be echoed enthusiastically by fans.

Wearing a black dress, Lee Hi opened her performance with “Breathe”. The song which was created by late SHINee’s Jonghyun ‘Shinee’ successfully made the fans emotional. The sound echoed until the end of the song, created an emotional atmosphere.

Lee Hi changed the mood by showing her powerful vocal and rap in “Rose” which was followed by her debut song “”.

After 3 songs, Lee Hi took a fan banner which was a birthday project for her. Then fans sang a birthday song in Korean for Lee Hi, who had her birthday on September 23. Receiving a birthday song from fans, made Lee Hi expresses how she wants to visit Indonesia again soon, which replied by a great response from fans.

30 minutes of pampering fans with her golden voice, Lee Hi ended her stage with the most-awaited song, “No One”.

Addictive Performances from Summer Queen, Red Velvet!


It seems like September is a lucky month for ReVeluvs (name for Red Velvet’s fans). In early September, Red Velvet greeted ReVeluvs and lucky fans through “The Reve Festival Day 2” Red Velvet Fan Event, and sang their 2 latest songs for the first time in Indonesia.

Then at the end of September, Red Velvet returned to Indonesia for two consecutive days on 28-29 September as the performer in  Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019.

On day 2, the idol who nicknamed as the Summer Queen, enlightened the stage with “Red Flavor” and “Power Up”. As expected from Indonesian fans, during the performance the fans joined in singing along and fanchant with enthusiasm made the performance fulfill with energy. But this time Red Velvet was amazed by fans who not only sang but also danced during their performance.

Red Velvet wanted to calm the atmosphere with their melodious vocal performances through “With You” and “Ladies Night”.

Being the last day of festival, even though the songs performed were the same as day 1, Red Velvet still successfully entertained fans and gave an addictive and unforgettable performances with “Zimzalabim” and “Umpah Umpah” as their last songs that night.

A Night to Remember, A Mini Ballad Concert with Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun who was present as solo singer also performed for two days on September 28-29. Like the day before, Kyuhyun sang his ballad songs starting with “A Million Pieces”, which followed by “Aewol-ri”, which was his first comeback song after finishing his mandatory military service in last May.

Through Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019, Kyuhyun expressed his pleasure in meeting Indonesian ELF (a name of Super Junior’s fans) after a long time and was able to get the chance to sing his ballad songs.

Appearing stunning and fresh with pink hair, Kyuhyun said that it was specially prepared for Indonesian fans. “Sexy?”, Kyuhyun asked fans about his new hair which was answered enthusiastically by fans.

The performance continued with “Time With You” which was very fitting to be sung together with fans. Unlike previous songs that have slow tempo, “Flying Deep in The Night” made Kyuhyun sing while dancing cheerfully to the song’s melody.

Closing his performance, Kyuhyun, who is known as a ballad prince invited fans to reminisce with his solo debut song, “At Gwanghwamun”. As if returning to the memories about 4 years ago when the song was released, the fans sang together.

The Last Performer Who  Set the Stage on fire and A Promise from Super Junior-D&E

The series event of Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019 on September 29 was closed by the best duo, Super Junior-D&E.

Despite being the last performer for two days, Donghae and Eunhyuk still seem to want to conduct their blazing energy to fans through “Danger”, who successfully set the stage on fire.

Before continuing to the next song, Donghae and Eunhyuk conversed with fans where Eunhyuk revealed that Donghae and him had visited Yogyakarta with several members of Super Junior and TVXQ, to film the Youtube Originals program, Analog Trip. Ahead of airing on October 9, Eunhyuk asked fans to watch the excitement of their trip. Connecting to Eunhyuk, Donghae asked if any fans had ever visited Yogyakarta. “If you want to come to Yogyakarta, we can be your guide. We already know the places, foods and shopping store there”, said Donghae.

For the second song, “Growing Pains”, Donghae asked fans to turn on the flash on their phone.  Fans also enjoyed “Sunrise” and “‘Bout you” by singing along, even there were enthusiastic fans who joined in the dancing.

3 hours passed so fast and the time come for Super Junior-D&E to really end their performance. Their flagship song “Oppa Oppa”, officially closed the Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019.

Before leaving the stage, Donghae and Eunhyuk shouted, “See you on SS8!!!”. Previously, the two members of Super Junior said that Indonesia has been included in their concert schedule. So, are you ready ELFs?

We had so much fun and enjoyed every performance from the artists at Super K-Pop Festival Indonesia 2019. Korean Updates thank Cana Global Media and Tokopedia for inviting us. We support K-Pop events in the future that are expected to be better implemented.

Written by: Mutia Drajat
Photos cr: Cana Global Media

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